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5 Extreme Benefits of Large Height Distance Couple

Others Preeti Mishra 14 February 2021
5 Extreme Benefits of Large Height Distance Couple

A Large Height Distance Couple Are The Happiest Couple, As Per Various Survey. Why A Large Height Distance Shows Lots Of Benefits

A greater height difference in a couple was positively related to the wife’s happiness –Researcher Kitae Sohn

Forget love at first sight or communication or being honest with each other…

Worry ?  ha ha ha

According to science, the key to a happy relationship is in your height difference.



Women evolved to prefer tall men because they were perceived to be stronger :

‘According to research,  tall guys make their women so happy and women feel secure and protected and the hugs are always the best.

Male height increases women’s reproductive fitness :

Most women in now a day’s prefer to wear heels of 4”-5”. But imagine, if your height difference is less than 6”- 7” and if you want to wear a heel and rest on your husband’s chest, obviously it’s not possible. The man must be taller than the girl in high heels by around 3-4 inches.

Second, a man always thinks his woman looks cute and sweet as well. If the woman is shorter than his man then 99% surety for this. This will show a woman’s age less than her man obviously.

The  survey  result of Konkuk University :

      • A man should be 4-5 inches taller than a girl.
      • The ideal height difference is around 7-9 inches more for the man although the cut-off is to be 5 inches taller so that the brain metabolite system of heart and brain combination will work properly and love between couples grows up day by day.
      • The man must be so much taller than the woman that the girl can lean her entire head on his shoulders.
      • The man must be taller than the girl in high heels by around 3-4 inches.

Sweet and happier celebrity couples with the crazy height difference

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