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Nine Types of Devotion – According to Shiva Purana

After the Marriage of Lord Shiva and Sati Devi On one fine day, there was a discussion between Sati Devi and Lord Shiva about Knowledge and Devotion.
Nine Types of Devotion – According to Shiva Purana

After the Marriage of Lord Shiva and Sati Devi On one fine day, there was a discussion between Sati Devi and Lord Shiva  about Knowledge and Devotion
Lord Shiva Said –

“Oh Dear Sati Devi, There is not much difference between Knowledge and Devotion.
And in one sense, Devotion is more vital than knowledge.
One Who knows might not get the Satisfaction of the Feelings, and which heart can enjoy?
But one with Devotion will enjoy the Materialistic world and will even enjoy the Happiness of the Devotion. And would always be satisfied from the heart.
I Personally Love people more with Devotion than People with Knowledge. Because Devotion is something that includes Knowledge and Dedication from a Pure Heart. Hence, I always fulfill their wishes, directly or indirectly”.

Type of Devotion :

Devotion ( bhakti) is of different types. They Can be classified into 9 on the whole and I will explain them.

  1. Shravanam (Listening)- one Who listens about God from others with Dedication.
  2. Keerthanam(writing ). — one Who writes about the God By himself
  3. Smaranam – One Who always thinks about God.
  4. Sevanam – One Who does prayer Daily 5 times or any number of times and serves god in physical form – ( like doing prayers and serving IDOL of god ).
  5. Dhyanam – one who thinks that everything is regarded to god and every Act is serving God – and always tries to do good things which are lovable by God.
  6. Archana – Selecting the right time and serving God with all belonging to or used at the
    respectful reception for the god.
  7. Vandana – one who by chanting or reciting my name bows me in such a way that chest, head, eyes, Heart, Mouth, Legs, hands, arms, and ears touch the Earth Is called Vandhanam.
  8. Sakhyam – When someone always thinks that – whatever happens, is for good and everything is taken care of by God is called Sakhyam
  9. Athmarpanam – When someone always thinks selflessly, who doesn’t worry about how to lead life to feed his stomach, and who always thinks that his body also doesn’t belong to him, and taking care of the body where Asthma is residing temporarily is also the act of God, Who completely devotes his soul to God is called Athmarpanam.

These Are the 9 main types of Devotion, all these are lovable and likable acts by me, and apart from these like some Acts of giving Bilva Pathra -(Aegle marmelos).

Whatever the Type of Devotion they follow, the importance is the Dedication to the Act, any amount of knowledge without Dedication would be useless.

Devotion Can change anyone and help in getting Moksha(salvation ), in all the 3 worlds, 4 Seasons Devotion is the best path to choose.

Especially in Kali Yuga –

Devotion will become a vital role in happiness. Because all the knowledge in Kaliyuga would be already too old and people feel they are no more useful.

My wealth strength and everything are my devotees. I even Fired Yama Dharma Raja for Markandeya. 

In other words, I am a Devotee to my devotees. “ Said Lord Shiva to Sati Devi. Since then, Sati Devi was worshiping shiva with more Dedication.

Then lord Shiva Even told about Manthra, Tantras, Yantras, and Jyothisham(Astrology) To Sati Devi. Everything in this World Is shiva and everything is From Lord Shiva.

Sage Sutha Explained these all in Shiva MahaPurana.