Pseudo Workaholic: #Insight View to the Outside World

I could not stop the immediate embarrassment, looking at everyone busy playing their part in routine life except me. I had a lazy feel somewhere
insight view of the outside world
  Even though it’s said, heard & written N number of times, still I am penning down my point of view.

A busy life outside my house goes on as usual, Mom sitting near the Prayer room (Pooja Ghar) ringing the Aarti Bell, with a Diya offering Prayers, Wife rushing behind kids to get them ready for the school, simultaneously hails at me, come get out of bed, don’t you have to go to the office today.

I could not stop the immediate embarrassment, looking at everyone busy playing their part in routine life except me. I had a lazy feel somewhere in the corner of my mind and even body was supporting the same thought feel by Dizziness and Drowsy eyes.

At the same time, somewhere in back of my mind yesterday’s Activity plans, meeting with Vendors & Clients, Project visits etc hammered my Head. For sake of keeping all plans intact, I pushed myself to get ready somehow to satisfy my Zeal of involvement on work site.

The Zeal towards work is the prominent reason to push yourself towards the work front, but this prominent thought gets fainted by means of commitments towards life, results in a simpleton rush on distorted way, which rather entangles you in midway, than reaching at some resultant point.

We all have heard a much known Phrase or Proverb;

“It is good to have a glass of water in relaxed posture than, having a Glass of milk in rush”.

It’s all about pushing oneself for the things which are out of hands, than over looking undone efforts to the in hand opportunities, which can be controlled and streamlined easily.

On the top, trying all good and bad ways, Time limit is another factor which makes an individual to stay out of this world and pretend to be fighting invincible world war with Ill Means & Magnitudes, the act is so contentious that one forgets, there is some limit to the Socio – Physical capacity to run around.

One will miss out the personal and intimate moments of Friends & Family life, on the top of that losing Health due to Pseudo – Workaholic attitude maintenance.

After  such long run activity, when an individual takes a back step and tries to take a back step and starts catering time in self relaxation, healthy time spend with friends and family, faces a rupture at every interval of time, which has arisen due to his absence in the scenes at required times. Since the individual had a distance with inmates, they go used to of the space, and suddenly you try to acquire the same it creates resistance.

To avoid the above said incidents, we need to follow the Natural cycle of life as we see around. For every act there is a time and place fixed as well indicated, Nature is the best preacher to lead a Fruitful Life.


It is the basic Mantra of keeping yourself alive in any given condition. Nature has set countless prove examples defining “Adaptation theory”. All of us are aware of Cactus shrubs are found more in desert regions, which grow in water scarcity with its own easy way of life. It keeps itself alive with whatever sources are available and goes on, it develops such a strong Biological system, it secures every drop of water, less of beautified looks and survives in all odd conditions.


Receiving the earned or deserved end (result) is the second best step, to give you more energy and power for the next stage for existence and improvisation.


After crossing over the first two stages, one will definitely reach a destination and the success to be there, First two are to be followed contentiously with total faith.

It’s just a point of view, but not Gyaan… YS  
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma