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7 Simple yet Awesome Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas for Party Rock!

Food Recipe qfleurs.fr 30 October 2018

Birthday is the probably the most important day of anyone’s life; after all, it is the day when you were born, when you were given life. This day, therefore, needs a perfect celebration, right from the decorations to the cakes! Given below are some of the most unique ideas which you can use as birthday cakes.

1) Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are the clique, the most usual of the flavors ever found in birthday celebrations. Being the common flavor that it is, there are various types in this category, which would actually confuse you, but you have to choose wisely. Easy chocolate cakes, where you just stick gems over the top can be an option too; and so, can be the cakes of chocolate fingers and smarties, chocolate cupcakes and so on. Making it at home will add an even more personalized, loving feel, so that the birthday person is taken by surprise at your efforts and dedication.

2) Doughnut Cake

Ever heard of a cake, which is not actually a cake? No? Then you are yet to encounter a doughnut cake! This is, probably, the biggest non-cake, cake in this list. All you have to do is stack handful of doughnuts in a mountain shape. Maybe place small candles across the surface, so as to give it a feel of it being a cake. This will be a welcome surprise to the birthday person, especially if he or she loves eating these gooey and delicious doughnuts!

3) Lady Bug Cake

Lady bugs are peculiar little creatures; having cakes in their shape and size would make the party that more interesting and peculiar. You can either have a normal cake, but adorned with lady bug shaped icing, or you can have small bite sized, lady bug shaped cakes – either will be fun. If this birthday person is enthusiastic about lady bugs and other creatures, this will be a welcome surprise!

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4) Floral Cake

Floral cakes don’t literally mean getting a cake of flowers. A floral cake is a normal cake, with flowers shaped icing adorning it. You can either use a same colored icing for the whole of the cake, or you can different colored icing to make these flowers. For example, you can even strive to create a personalized ombre look! You can also use real flowers to decorate the cake; just make sure to wash them beforehand.

5) Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream are a big favorite of everyone, especially kids. Combine that with a cake, and it is like a dream come true for the birthday people! If that is actually your dream cake, you can order birthday cake from anywhere – this ice cream cake can be easily obtained on special request. Give it a touch of ‘melting ice cream’ to make it more realistic and in tune with the theme.

6) Minion Cake

Mostly people send birthday gifts online, which are exclusively about minions; why not arrange a cake of that theme? Minions are a great hit among st the crowds There are not many people who hate minions. If the birthday person has specifically requested this cake, then it is your duty to make it available. Celebrate their birthday with this adorable, yellow blue cake and let your loved one know how much you love them.

7) Butterfly Cake

Cakes available in different shapes and sizes is a literal boon on birthday organizers as well as birthday person. You can get this cake as easily in shops; however, if you have to get hurriedly, you can also make it with ready-made cake mix, right at home. Just beat it into the shape of a beautiful butterfly, decorate it as you want it!

These are some of the most demanded but also rarely used cakes – it’s an odd but real combination. This makes these cakes even more extravagant and tastier. You can either purchase these cakes from online stores and bakeries, or you can make them right at home. It can be a difficulty, of course, but the happiness on the receiver’s face will be worth it!