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20 Best Indian Diwali Festival Sweets You Can Prepare At Home

Food Recipe Lifestyle Ritu 1 November 2018

Ready for Diwali but confused what to serve on the dessert plate? Don’t be concerned anymore as in here we are listing the top 20 best Indian Diwali festival sweets you can prepare at home.


These are the most loved sweets and come in various preparations like suji, besan, motichoor and so on. Diwali is empty without having the laddoos on the plate.


Rabdi is set to be an easy dish, but at the same time it is a bit tricky too. It is made up of milk boiled continuously followed up with continuous stirring. Once it gets thicken sugar is added with the cardamom and dry fruits. It is watery mouth dish for sure.


One sweet dish that should be made during Diwali is Kalakand. It is made up of milk, cream, sugar; dry fruits are a real retreat to the tongue and the festival as well.


It is a tricky dish but is enjoyed by all. If you want to opt something new and give your hands on truffle with the flavour of your choice like pan, apple, mango, dry fruits as, etc. It looks brilliant and tastes yummy. Prepare it this year and do not postpone for Diwali festival in 2019.


Similar in looks with the gulab jamun but has unique colors and taste. It is also a healthy thought preparation that cannot be refused but has to be accepted.

Gulab Jamun :

The attractive brown balls dipped in the sugar syrup is hard to be ignored. This Diwali give a take on gulab jamun and surprise your loved ones.


The stunning and the yummiest sweet dish that can never be ignored is the jalebi dipped mercilessly in the sugar syrup. And now it is coming in various tantalizing flavours too.

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Mousse cake:

This sweet dish is for the ones who want to give their Diwali festival sweets a contemporary touch. It is prepared with cream, sugar and thandai syrup with nuts.


It is the bonanza offer for all the sweet lovers and is highly irresistible too. It is also famous as the country’s traditional ice creams prepared with milk, sugar. Flavours like chocolate, vanilla, fruits and so on.


Everyone loves peda in the country, and when it is Diwali then peda has to be there in the dessert menu. One of the best Indian sweets that come in wholesome of varieties and flavours like buckwheat and milk.

Bhapa Doi:

Want some new flavours or fusion for Diwali festival sweets then prepare Bhapa Doi. It has gained sudden popularity though being a traditional dessert is made up of yogurt, cream, and various favours.

Mysore Pak:

A very famous Karnataka sweet dish but is loved by the entire country is made up of ghee, besan, and sugar.


It is one such sweet that makes its place in every festival be it big or small. So, this Diwali prepare the easiest but the most delectable sweet dish made up of milk, rice, and sugar. It loved by people of all ages and can be served at any temperature.


Do you want to prepare something delicious but do not have enough time for the same then seviyan is something you can hold upon. The preparation is similar to kheer but is less time taking.


A particular Bengali dish but is the heart of every sweet lover. If you are willing to prepare a simple but yummy sweet, then try for Sandesh and add the flavour you like.


One of the best Indian sweets to lure for is the halwa. It comes in variants like moong dal, suji, flour, carrot and likewise showered with plenty of nuts and dry fruits. It can be eaten as both hot and cold so preparing this dish will be an apt choice this Diwali.


In Bihar, people are fond of this dish called ghujiya which has a stunning shape in the outer and is filled with semolina, cardamom, sugar, mava, dry fruits, saffron, etc.


Barfi is the best Indian Diwali festival sweets that no one can ignore. The beautiful part of this sweet is it can be made out of plenty of ingredients like suji, besan, fruits, flours and likewise. People usually make suji barfi in Diwali.


It is one of the easiest dish that one can surely make during this Diwali with hung yogurt, sugar and the favour of their choice like pan, cardamom, saffron, vanilla and likewise.

Ice cream:

Everyone likes ice cream and it can be a Diwali festival sweets. You can make ice creams not only in various flavours but can also add a lot of variants in it to make it delectable and mouth watery.

Head over to the kitchen and start the preparation right away.  The list of making Diwali festival sweets is so long that you will remain with many options for the Diwali festival in 2019 as well.




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