10 Biggest Lesson You Have To Learn in the Corporate World

Sometime stalemate solutions is not enough to lead anything but that's don't imply to show more anger. In corporate world, everything becomes work related
10 lesson you can learn in corporate office

1. Never compete with a guy who works 24/7:

First scenario:

Work in any field is your personal interest. And obviously with interest, you can do any task in less hours than your other colleagues, who don’t interested.

Second scenario:

In fact, sometime you should think like, there be somebody who knows/works better than you. Work efficiently which is required for the day. That’s enough. Have work life balance.

2. Don’t be so close with your colleagues:

Never be so close friends with your colleagues unless you know them since your college days. Mostly they are friends with you because they need you.

   Here’re the some reasons:

1. Co-workers might air your dirty laundry

2. Colleagues may not be so much fun outside work

3. You (or your colleague) could become codependent

4. Everything becomes work-related

3. Don’t show your high anger:

Sometime stalemate solutions is not enough to lead anything but that’s don’t imply to show more anger. Anger is a hard emotion to control and perhaps that’s why most of us try to avoid it entirely at work. Never show your extra anger to anybody in office, specially at the same level employees.

4. Never be Loyal

You are just one more employee. So no need to be extra loyal with your employees. It’s a bad idea to get too personal with your co-workers.

5. Don’t promise in mail

Have every word/promise written in mail? Boss, in the office people usually use officials mail so that anybody can claim or turn back as a proof. Your colleagues usually very familiar with you. They are not your school time friends so anybody would turn their back at you.

6. Don’t flirt:

If you are a flirtatious boy or girl then stop it. Sometime it’s ok to make office environment funny but every time it won’t work. Flirting too much with anybody will ruin your personal character in office. So approach sincerely don’t flirt with anybody.

7. Avoid discussing family matters:

You should avoid this habit, if you are having. Usually, people discuss everything about their family with anyone because of extra emotional behaviour. Always remember, ‘it’s not Bollywood movies, where your father is always a Villain and your mother is a helpless poor worker. And one of your office friends help you to stress out with your problems’.


 What I have carried through my life is that I don’t discuss private family matters with others. Keep it in your backyards

-RichardStep Marketing Survey

8. Keep learning:

Arrogance and attitude is ok for office but keep learning something. It helps you to quit confidently when you don’t like something or somebody.

“In its simplest form, experiential learning means learning from experience or learning by doing. Experiential education first immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.”

–  Lewis and Williams,  archaeologist

9. Dressing:

Dress neatly with a sense too. You need to make a strong distinction here — casual wear is and should look distinctly different from your work and formal wear. Dress smart and keep the curiosity alive. Just stay neat always, if your office uses dress code.

10. Don’t be too honest:

This is the reason people who follow the ‘yes boss’ route are smart. Instead of being honest and axing on your own foot, try being diplomatic. Only because true opinions are painful and people don’t want to hear them. Being too honest and direct makes you come across as a rude person who doesn’t value feelings.