Which is better foam or spring mattress?

The mattress can consist of only one layer of foam, but also of two or more layers of foam. Our current favorite, the Emma Mattress, has three layers.
Which is better foam or spring mattress?

What is a foam mattress?

The mattress core of a foam mattress consists of specific mattress foam. Visco or cold foam is especially popular. The mattress can consist of only one layer of foam, but also of two or more layers of foam. Our current favorite, Emma Mattress, has three layers of foam.

This is also the case with other high-quality models such as the Wakefit mattress. Foam mattresses often contain open cells and often have air-permeable ‘pores’, especially in the top layer, which makes the mattress more breathable.

All in all, there are many different materials that can be used in the mattress. And not all mattresses are suitable for every type of sleeper. But we will come back to that in detail later.

What is an innerspring mattress?

The innerspring mattresses are among the classics in the mattress world. But you should know that there are huge differences in the quality of this type of mattress. That is why it is important to be particularly vigilant when purchasing.

On the whole, sleeping on innerspring mattresses can be experienced as slightly firmer. At least firmer than on most foam mattresses and also clearly more resilient. Unlike foam mattresses, spring core mattresses have better temperature regulation and are also better suited to highly perspiring people due to the distances between the springs. In this way, the humidity can be removed very well.

The sleeping climate, therefore, remains pleasantly cool. There are different variants of the innerspring mattress. But we will come back to that.

Comparison of the details

Differences in structure

The main difference between the two types of mattresses is, of course, the structure.

Foam mattresses consist exclusively of foam layers, one or more. Popular combinations are cold foam, Visco foam and latex foam. One of those combination models is the Emma mattress. To refine the sleeping experience of a cold foam mattress, manufacturers also like to place a thin layer of latex, visco or gel foam.

Spring mattresses, on the other hand, are based on a core with only springs, where there are also different types here. However, these mattresses are combined with a foam element on the top and bottom and of course on the sides.

This ensures excellent sleeping comfort. The comfort material often consists of comfort foam, polyurethane, cold foam (all comparable). Latex foam is also used. You will also find environmentally friendly natural latex in high-quality spring mattresses.

Differences in sleep feeling and lying characteristics

A rough rule of thumb is: foam mattresses often feel a bit softer and spring mattresses a bit firmer.

Foam mattresses adapt well to the contours of the body and provide a pleasant feeling of sleep. Visco, cold foam and latex foam are particularly popular here. They relieve the pressure and you hardly feel the movements of a partner.

An innerspring mattress that offers more stability provides good support. The springs are usually loaded individually and are only pressed where they are actually used. No unnecessary pressure points are created and the muscles are relieved. So no discussion on which are the best mattresses can be stand out. Because every person has his own preferences and he would like to have the mattress he wants.