What is Water Filtration and How to Find Best Filtration Product?

Water purification and Water filter products are the talk of the age. Everyone is concerned about the purification of water and the best water filter products for that. But what exactly is water purification?

Water Purification

Water purification is the process used for eliminating the harmful chemicals, biological contaminants such as bacteria and fungi, suspended solids and gases from the water. The process aims to make the water fit for specific use. Usually, water purification is used to disinfect the water for the human consumption; water purification is used in a variety of other purposes such as pharmacological, medical, chemical and industrial applications. Different methods are used to purify the water. We can divide these methods into four categories.
  1. Physical: The processes such as distillation, sedimentation and filtration fall under physical purification.
  2. Biological: The processes such as Slow sand filters and biologically active carbon fall under biological purification.
  3. Chemical: The processes such as flocculation and chlorination fall under chemical purification.
  4. Radiation: The use of electromagnetic such as UV light is also used as a water purification method.
Water purification is used to reduce the concentration of suspended particles, fungi, bacteria, parasites, algae, and viruses. It can also eliminate the harmful dissolved particles. The standards of the quality of the drinking water are usually set by Governments or International Standards. These standards are set by analyzing the maximum and minimum concentration of the contaminants. All this depends on the intended use of the water. One cannot just analyze the quality of water with bare eyes. There are simple procedures such as boiling and household carbon filter systems. But most of the times these systems are unable to eliminate all kinds of contaminants in the water. Chemical and microbiological analysis are quite expensive procedures,butunfortunately, these are the only effective procedures. The no of deaths caused by the diarrheal diseases is increasing day by day.  88% of the 4 billion annual cases of diarrheal disease are attributed to unsafe water and improper sanitation. A total of 1.8 million people die from diarrheal diseases each year. Therefore every developing country focuses on improving the water purification systems.

How to find the best filtration product?

Water filter products can be found in abundance in the market. But which of the water filter products are better to buy? What should you see in the products before buying? Well here is a guide which will help you find the best water filter products in the market. Things that you should look for in the water filter products.

Removal of contamination

The main reason for buying a water filter product is to rid your water of the contaminants. The water in the water supply contains a lot of contaminants that can cause serious damage to your body. Biological contaminants such as bacteria and fungi enter your body and cause different kinds of diseases. The water in the supply also contains harmful chemical compounds which cause serious damage to your body. The best way to check the efficiency of water filter product is to test the filtered water in a certified lab. Some filters remove as much as 60 contaminants while some of the water filter products remove only 25. Therefore the efficiency of the product must be assessed before buying it.

The maximum daily filtration rate

Normally a person does not look at the filtration rate of the product before buying. But a wise person must always look at the maximum daily filtration rate of the product. Maximum daily filtration rate refers to the amount of filtered water a water filter product produces in a day. You should always look at the maximum daily filtration rate and compare it to your daily water consumption. Because if the filtration rate is less than your daily consumption, then there is no use of that product to you. You might be astonished by the difference in maximum daily filtration rate of the products available in the market. Therefore it is essential to compare the rate with your consumption. Buy a product that matches your daily consumption or exceeds a little. You should not buy a product that exceeds your daily consumption greatly because the cost of that product will be high. You must first get a good idea of your daily consumption and then buy the best product according to it.

The Quality of Water

The primary aim of a water filter product is to get rid of the contaminants,but it should also be able to improve the quality of the water. The quality of water means to get rid of the foul taste and any smell in the water. It should maintain a good ph balance while preserving all the healthy minerals in the water. RO plants are quite famous nowadays. RO filters remove the mi particles from the water,but in the process, a lot of healthy minerals are removed as well. These minerals include Calcium, Magnesium or Sodium. Deficiency of before-mentioned minerals can lead to diseases as well. If your water supply does not contain a lot of contaminants then buying a Carbon filter system is better than the RO system for you.

The cost

The first thing that will bother you when buying a water filter product is going over the budget. Estimate the cost of the product not by its price but your requirements. Keep in mind what type of contaminants you wish to remove and then buy the product accordingly. Do not waste your money on a product that you do not need. But if there is a perfect product available that matches your needs then do not hesitate to go over the budget.

Ease in maintenance

The water filter products often require the change of cartridges. You have to consult your water filter guide to change the cartridges effectively. So looking for an easy to maintain water filter product is essential. Some products in the market are more professional than the others while some of the products are more user-friendly than the ones in the market. Look for the user-friendly ones.