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What Factors Matter When Choosing a Woman?

A Stereotypical Group Of Individuals Who Are Extremely Attractive To Us. At The Same Time, We May Understand Choosing A Woman

During the whole life, starting with elementary school, we have been choosing people who may be included in our personal space. We form a stereotypical group of individuals who are extremely attractive to us. At the same time, we may find sexiest celebrities and sweetest people boring or even disgusting. Why does it happen? Why does your friend accuse you of having “the type”?

Sometimes, indeed, all of your girlfriends look the same, act the same, talk and walk in a similar way. You do this completely unintentionally! Why do psychologists say that the happiest couples even look alike as if they were a sister and a brother? What makes us attracted to a certain girl, who may be a social reject or far from pretty? Here are the theories that may shock you.

The theory of resources and aesthetics:

There is a theory, which claims that when choosing a partner, women rely on the resources of a partner, while men think about beauty and aesthetics. According to the evolution theory, you will be able to see that women are guided by the feeling of safety. They look for men who are capable of feeding the family and protecting the offspring. When men, on the contrary, subconsciously want to find a girl, decent for carrying a healthy baby. In this case, looks are not deceiving as you can whether girls healthy or not even through their dating profiles.

Another theory claims that our DNA predetermines the choice of our partner. According to it, we share preferences with our ancestors, and everything is really the matter of genetics and status of our grand grandparents.  To put in simple words, if your ancestors during war loved plump women (because they looked healthy), they might be a chance you would be attracted to a curvier girl. Genetic psychology is something understudied, but definitely worth everyone’s attention.

The theory of time:

This law claims that time is proportionate to our feelings. The more we spend time with a person, the stronger feelings we will have towards a woman. That works both ways. Have you ever noticed that an unfavourable at first sight colleague gradually starts to grow on you? Being in the collective space for a long time – that is what makes us attracted to the opposite gender.

The theory of physical attraction:

Although, the person we dislike and try to avoid at all costs will not make us catch feelings no matter how much time we spend together. Such matters as beauty, according to behaviour and aesthetics satisfaction make just the perfect requisitions to make a person attractive to us. Because you can say anything, but no one wants to spend time with a person who finds unattractive or not neat.

The theory of individuality:

Researches show that we all have a certain number of imaginative qualities our significant other should possess. Something predetermines if the person we met is worth dating and making relationships with. However, there are some requirements we all have. Everyone wants their significant other to be smart, caring, loving and kind at heart. We all want people with good cultural and social background. Without these criteria, even the most beautiful women are incompatible.

The theory of distance:

Maybe, every one of us had a traumatic experience with the relationships on distance. The law of distance claim that we can build successful relationships only with a person we can see and feel every day. Some might argue, but the aspects of sexual life and simple presence in each other’s lives are extremely important, so the closer – the better.

The theory of similarity:

Here is just one of the proofs that opposites don’t attract. In fact, we tend to search for a partner with a close vision of the world. It can be the taste either in music, cinematography or fashion – everything is better when you fully understand each other.

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