Weight Loss Tips For Busy And Lazy People

Busy schedule for not being able to commit ourselves to fitness so we can lose excess weight due to our sedentary lifestyle. Well, this is a

It is very easy to point fingers to our busy schedule for not being able to commit ourselves to fitness so we can lose excess weight due to our sedentary lifestyle. Well, this is a pretty understandable scenario. I can imagine you being cut out of your lunch break by your boss for an urgent task or not having even a few seconds to pee because you’re too busy taking care of your newborn.

We’ve all been here – crazy-hectic and time-pressed that we literally want to shout time-out! So, how can we possibly squeeze in some time for our weight loss plan when we got a lot of stuff and people to take care of every single day? Believe me, there is hope!

Clean-Up Your Kitchen:

If you got a few minutes to an hour to spare, I suggest you head straight to the kitchen and do the clean-up. Remove those chips, processed foods, microwaveable goodies, and any other junk foods you can find. Chances are you will resort to these unhealthy options when you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal. Replace them with fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts, nuts, and other healthy eats instead.

Mark Your Workouts:

Busy people take time to pencil-in important meetings on their planners, online calendar, or smartphones. This way, they don’t forget about it no matter how busy their day gets. The same should be done with your daily workout sessions. It’s always easy to make excuses for something that is not on your to-do list so better mark your fitness hour as a priority. Now, if you can’t find enough time to drive to the gym or to a yoga class, you can still do your exercises at home. I suggest you designate a specific area in the house to be your home gym so you are only focused on working out when you are in that zone. You can purchase a few pieces of home gym essentials online like dumbbells, stationary bike, treadmill, and vibration plates.

Prepare Big Batches of Meals for An Entire Week:

Honestly speaking, even a topnotch lady CEO can carve out a few hours from her busy schedule for Sunday cooking so there is no reason why you can’t. Use these hours to make large batches of brown rice, roasted veggies and chicken, and other meals that can be stored in the fridge for days, be re-heated, or re-purposed for an entire week’s consumption. Doing so will prevent you from dropping by a drive thru for some fastfood meals.

Find A Health and Fitness Buddy:

It is very easy to forget all these health and fitness goals you have when you are struggling to do it alone. The smartest thing to do then is to find a health and fitness buddy who has the same goals as you. This way, you can have each other’s back when your lack of time seems to tease you to go back to your old, unhealthy ways.

Losing weight is all about developing healthy habits. It is a combination of physical exercise, proper nutrition, and right mindset. Once you start feeling the amazing results and seeing awesome physical transformations, you will no longer have any excuse not to find time for health and fitness.

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Christian Ontog
Christian Ontog

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