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10 Warning Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

As the time passes, we all age. Children grow up and our parents progress towards old age. Many a times they live on their own. On every visit you ask them if they are ok and ensure they their medicines and food in the right way. How do you ensure they are ok? Do they need any kind of help or assistance? How do you find that out?

You need to look for warning signs. These signs will tell you that your beloved parents are no longer capable of taking care of themselves on their own and need Homecare.

They Forget Their Medications

If you notice that your parents are being irregular in taking their medication you need to pay attention. They might frequently forget to take their medication or take some medication twice. The routine goes for a toss and they are not able to stick to their schedule of medicine.

They have unexplained bruises

You may notice bruises on their body. It means they have hurt themselves somehow and have trouble balancing themselves while walking or doing other activities. If you ask them about the bruises perhaps they would not be able to tell you how they got them.

They have months old food in fridge

They do not clean up their fridge and have a lot of stuff which is old and inedible in their fridge. They do not have fresh food to eat somehow. They may have stopped going for shopping.

Their home is messy

On subsequent visits you may notice that your parents have not been keeping the home in order. There are clothes and dishes piling up everywhere. Old newspapers haven’t been put in place. The plants haven’t been watered and there are books, towels and napkins on the couch. It doesn’t mean they are lazy. It just means they are not able to keep the house clean and need assistance.

They don’t pay attention to personal hygiene

Sometimes in one look you can know if your beloved old parents have been taking care of themselves or not. As they age the motor skills decline and they are not able to take care of themselves efficiently. They need help in taking showers, changing clothes, brushing etc.

Your parents love you and do not want you to be anxious about them. You need to make sure they are taken care of properly – if you cannot attend to them personally. You need to ensure they are safe and able to lead happy healthy life even in their old age.

Pay attention to the signs that tell you that their quality of life is going downhill. You can get help and see that your parents are well looked after.

Do go through this infographic 123 HomeCare to know more.

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Brandon Leibowitz

Brandon Leibowitz

Brandon Shamis has been a core part of 123homecares he is handling the role of operation head. 123 home cares is one of the best and most trusted non-medical home care companies we focus on delivering the highest quality of care in the easiest and most convenient way possible.