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Want to buy wooden wall clock – what are your design options?

Are you looking for wooden wall clock for your home or office ? These wall clocks are suited to any room in the house and can complement any décor style.
Lifestyle Wood Sala 4 May 2020

When you’re putting the finishing touches to a home, one of the things you will need is a wall clock. Wall clocks are available in many different shapes and sizes. There are many different materials that can be used to build these wall clocks. If you’re looking for something that’s elegant and timeless, you should ideally buy wooden wall clock.

These clocks are suited to any room in the house and can complement any décor style. Let’s take a closer look at some of these styles.

Classic Wall Clocks

When it comes to classic wall clocks, there’s nothing like a wall mounted Grandfather clock or a pendulum clock. Another fine example of a classic wall clock is a Cuckoo clock. These clocks may be mechanical or automatic. The mechanical versions have their own charm but do require a little extra maintenance. Automatic cuckoo and grandfather clocks have the same look and feel as the mechanical versions but operate on batteries. They do not need to be wound daily and have lesser maintenance issues.

Modern Wall Clocks

Wood is seen as a traditional material but this does not mean that all wooden clocks follow classic designs. There are a number of modern options available as well. Wooden wall clocks could use a wooden frame or have a frameless design with the numbers printed on the wood or with raised hour markers. The wooden base may also be cut out according to a city silhouette or geometric form. One of the contemporary forms that is gaining popularity is the combination of wood and leather. The leather strap is typically used to mount the wood frame.

Organic Wall Clocks

When you go to buy wooden wall clock, you may see a number of organic designs. These designs accentuate the natural grains and polish. A log may be sliced horizontally to show the rings and the bark of sliced angularly for a different look. Many organic wall clock designs also feature a combination of wood and metal. Metal may be used for the hour markers or to complete the frame. To further highlight the natural aspects of a wooden base, the hour and minute hands may also be designed differently to have a more natural appeal.

Ethnic Clocks

Wood is also used as the base material for a number of ethnic wooden clocks. These clocks are decorated with traditional Indian artwork such as Warli art work. These clocks are often quite colourful and vibrant. Others may celebrate metallic shades juxtaposed against natural wood polish. They may have a simple square or round form or be shaped like a flower.  

When you need to buy wooden wall clocks you can shop at brick and mortar stores or shop online. Shopping online is often a better choice since it is more convenient and you can get better deals online. You can shop for as many clocks as you need and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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