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Top 8 Scariest Horror Games to Play on Halloween

Halloween is the time for adults to unmind, relax and bring out their inner child. While Halloween costumes and candies are great, there’s nothing like a few scary Halloween games to set the mood for your party. Therefore, the search for the best halloween gifts for adults is among the most searchable keyword during the eve of Halloween. Aiming to get you aware with the latest trend and options available, this article is written. Here are a few ideas:

1 : Alien Isolation

Watching horror movies at Halloween parties is great. But if you want your guests to be more involved in the Halloween horror experience how about a video game instead? Creative Assembly’s horror survival game Alien Isolation promises to give your guests the scare of a lifetime as the players have to face the deadly xenomorph unarmed. The game emphasizes on stealth, the aim is survival, one wrong move could leave you completely at the mercy of the xenomorph, and we all know how that ends. The game is intense, scary and the creepy ambiance is enough to send chills down your back. Could anything be more perfect for your Halloween party?

2 : Scare Fest

If video games aren’t for you how about an immersive scary real life role play game? Try a round of Scare Fest. The aim here is to scare the living daylight out of each other. Divide your players into teams. Each team gets 5 poker chips in their team color. The duration of the game has to be set at the beginning of the game. It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to the duration of your party. Every time someone makes a player from another team scream, his or her team receives a poker chip from the other team. The team that is best at scaring others accumulates the most number of poker chip and wins.

The rules are pretty simple, no one is allowed to put someone else in physical danger. If you have kids playing this game adult supervision is necessary at all times. The team that wins gets a gift. A halloween gift basket delivery timed to arrive at the end of the party is a great surprise for the winning team.

3 : Fear

Another one for the gamers, this first person shooter game is like no other. Armed with thundering assault rifles you would think you were unstoppable that is till you met your enemy a little girl standing at the end of the corridor! This game combines the first person shooting games with the horror genre. Point Man a burly special ops officer working for First Encounter Assault Recon has to uncover the secrets of the paranormal menace in the form of the little girl.

4 : Haunting Ground

This video game with its unstoppable force antagonist and eerie enemies is sure to give you and your guest goosebumps.  The game has a female protagonist who wakes up in a dungeon after a car accident. The gamer has to help Fiona uncover the mysteries of the castle along with her white shepherd Hewie in order to escape.

5 : A Murder Mystery Game Twist

If board games are more your thing, the Murder Mayhem might be the game for you. The murder mayhem is murder mystery game with a twist. Here everyone is the killer. The aim here is to maim, kill and survive, the last one alive wins. The characters are taken from great horror movies and the hunt will delight any classic horror movie buff.

The game is easy to play and will keep the players engrossed all night. Each player must find game cards, killer cards, weapons and circumstance cards that match. Once this is done they are all set to hunt! A player must be inflicted with three wounds for him or her to be declared dead. Each wound is recorded on the kill card. In this game it is a matter of kill or be killed.

6 : Layers of Fear

This video game is one of the scariest indie horror games ever created. Layers of Fear is based on the story of a painter fixated with his portrait of his wife. As he paints he is forces to recount his past with his wife. He experiences hallucinations and nightmares as the dark disturbing truth about their relationship come to the surface. If you and your friends are into psychological thrillers this game might just be the one for you.

7 : Bloody Mary Prank

There’s nothing like a prank to spice up a dull old Halloween party. We have all played the Bloody Mary Game at some point in our childhood most of us have disappointing stories about the spirit not showing up. This prank is exactly what it sounds like, the people at the party try to summon Bloody Mary and for a change she does show up. Dress up one of your friends as Bloody Mary and have her hide in the next room waiting for the cue.

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Now all you have to do is get a room full of adults to summon Bloody Mary. The key to this is to bring up the subject in a joking light hearted manner. You could start off by sharing child hood stories about silly things you believed in. You can expect other people to join in once you mention bloody marry. Now someone has to make a joke about trying it again together right now and you’re all set for the most epic prank of the night.


8 : Dead Space

Here’s a classic Halloween Zombie video game with a twist. Set in an eerie industrial spaceship surrounded by Necromorphs, the only way to escape is to slice up your enemies’ arms and use their bones to pin them to the walls. Dead Space is pretty much the goriest games you could play.

So what are you waiting for? Plan the most exiting Halloween party of the decade with these spooky games that will leave your guests with goosebumps. Don’t forget to order the best Halloween Gifts for Adults you can find to give away as prizes.