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The Rise of Babbling Queen – Madam Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has been in news and hence her purpose is served. With over 80% flop movies in her filmy career, the actress is now more in her acting role on news
The Rise of Babbling Queen - Madam Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood is all about being in limelight. Out of sight, out of mind! Being in news for one or the other reason has been a common practice in Indian film industries since decades. The new era has begun where ‘filth’ works better than ‘educating’ materials on the Internet. It’s beyond a question that a BBC English video teaching ‘articles’ in English grammar will have one hundredth of YouTube views than BB Ki Vines featuring Sameer Fuddi! And, it’s okay… it’s KALYUG, after all where ‘evil’ is mightier than lame ‘goodness’. Kangana Ranaut has been in news and hence her purpose is served. With over 80% flop movies in her filmy career, the actress is now more in her acting role on news than big screens.


Adding fuel to fire is yelling Arnab Goswami who knows the ‘pulse’ of market with solid support from his political connections in the major ruling party across the nation.

Kangana’s flop filmography –


On August 21, 2020, Kangana made her social media debut on Twitter which was a sheer opportunity to gather the voice backing her. Quiet for past fifteen years, the lady suddenly got on to Twitter at the right time with the help of Republic Bharat TV who claimed beating Aaj Tak in all TRPs in grunting on national prime time!

The opportunist appeared from nowhere and started fighting for Sushant Singh Rajput’s justice. Her voice was echoed by Arnab Goswami, another opportunist who is tarnished for his bootlicking behavior.

She had never thought that if #isupportKanganaRanaut could please her, #KanganaPagalHai and #KanganaVirusSeDeshBachao will haunt her as well.

The Queen actress has been the talk of the Internet because of only one genre – allegations! According to her, the film industry is largely ruled by Muslims who are the mafias, and if they are not Muslims, they are nepotism promoters. All Kapoors, Bachchans, Chopras, and Johars promote nepotism; on the other hand, Muslims should be barred from the industry – who’s left then? B and C grade actors like her!

Talking about nepotism, her hypocrisy is evident. Years back in her interview, her words were different –

Sensing such hypocrisy, there’s a state-wide protest as Marathis are upset with her comment of comparing Mumbai with POK.


Adding spices to the talks has been her forte. This could be a new learning of hers from her staunch supporter, Arnab Goswami. Sanjay Raut’s statement ‘if she’s not comfortable with Mumbai, she should not return’ was dramatically twisted into ‘threat’. Challenging the allegation, Raut said that she should go to police if the statement I gave is ‘threat’. The best defense she could bring was that that she cannot go to police because she doesn’t trust them. But, years back, again, her words were different –


In her one of tweets, she posted Manikarnika’s poster and took pride to represent the mightiness of Jhansi ki Rani.


That way, the trolls also posted her photos countering her claims of being ‘real warrior’.

Ultimately, she got what she wanted – being the talk of the town! But how long? ‘Masala’ meal surely tickles your tastebuds but it harms your stomach! Thus, to Kangana, it would be a wise decision to get back to ‘healthy food’. If you are an actress, use your abilities in the roles and inspire millions; being with a grunting pig on TV will earn you nothing. The Republic is only interested in spicing up the matter and when everything will be over, you are back to the industry with whom you have already planted bitterest seeds.