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Dear Haters! You should Learn these 10 Life Lessons from Sidharth Shukla

Actor Sidharth Shukla admired Brahma kumari and was very spiritual. He always followed her cultural things and mom's footprint.
Entertainment komal yadav 12 December 2021
Dear Haters! You should Learn these 10 Life Lessons from Sidharth Shukla

A well-known Actor and model Sidharth Shukla passed away on Sep 2nd, 2021 due to a massive heart attack. He was the title winner of Bigg Boss 13 and also captured hearts for his starring character in Balika Vadhu. The news shook the Bollywood industry and fans. The report said that the actor passed away of a heart attack.

Even though the actor is a private person, he proved his character in many ways. He also won the reality series as the audience accepted his true self in the show. The audience has learned so much from him from the show. Some of the life lessons that the actor gave unintentionally proved that he had a gold heart.

His fitness and how he formed his career were an inspiration for many. It is saddened that his career was at its peak and his death happened. He also has a huge fan following and he also signed for many reality TV shows.

His demise taught so many things in life and it’s not predictable. So, you need to be happy in life and make people around you happy too.

Special bond with his mother

His mother was his well-wisher. His mother helped him find his passion by asking him to go for modelling contest which he won. After his father passed away, his mother stood like a pillar for him in all things.  He also spoke about her in many shows that she ran the household with poor finances and fulfilled all the three kids demands. 


Actor Sidharth Shukla admired Brahma kumari and was very spiritual. He always followed her cultural things and mom’s footprint. After his death online tribute prayer has organized by Brahma Kumari for Sidharth Shukla.


Loyal Friend

Sidharth was a very loyal and good friends. He never disappointed his friends. Many of the examples we’d seen in the reality show Bigg Boss 13. He always helped and given guidance to his friends like Asim Riaz and Arti Singh. Audience also loved their special bonding.

In the real life also, he was very good friends as Pratyusha Benerjee’s father said that, Sidharth has very special bonding with Pratyusha so he helped Pratyusha’s family financially and mentally after Pratyusha’s death. Rashmi Desai, who has been seen in the Bigg Boss 13 as Sidharth biggest enemy, was also feeling sad after Sidharth death. She even said that, nobody can replace him in her life.

Honesty is the best policy

The actor always loves to be honest and does not fear being judged for his actions.

Fair play = Success

The actor played a fair game and used his intelligence in the game. He also won the show. He also expressed that playing fair can only lead to success.

Never give up

The actor never gives up and gives his full effort for anything he is up to. He never anything and he always believes in the “Never give up” formula.

Witty and Intelligent

Sidharth Shukla was a very intelligent and sharp person. He always comforts his friends with warm words. His wit is also unmatched and shares anything out of the box.


He is also an excellent motivator and urges people to keep going to do something active. He was and will be an inspiration for all.

A fitness freak

He was a fitness freak, his appearance says it! Also, an intelligent admirer. He will pop out excellent quotes and tweets on his social media accounts that made his fans admire his sincerity.

Never take things for granted

Sometimes we are so serious in our life and take things for granted. He always believes in not taking things for granted and value everything in life.

Never keep grudges

As we have seen him being so happy, he did have fights in the show. But he was insisting his fans and followers have no grudges at all.

Life has thought us so many things and it is unpredictable! Like his Twitter quote “capture the moment, it lives forever” let us live happy for what he had today! Sidharth Shukla will remain with us forever!