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Top 5 Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Brands In India

Others Kuldeep 12 November 2017

Having a well-equipped bathroom is essential. The best way to adorn your bathroom with necessary bathroom fixtures and fitting, and enhance its functionality is to buy bath products from the best sanitaryware suppliers in the nation only. Read the post below to know about the top 5 sanitary ware manufacturers brands in India

A Bathroom makes for an essential part of our life. It’s a place where we start and end our day – wake up, use the toilet, preen ourselves before heading out for work, and visit again in the evening to relax and unwind from the day’s stress. It’s an ultimate place of utility. But what happens when this place of solitude is poorly managed or does not have enough sanitaryware supplies to function properly? It’s time to adorn your bathroom with all the essential fixtures and fittings. The market today, is flooded with innumerate number of sanitaryware suppliers who offer an excellent range of sanitaryware products and help in adding a dash of elegance and class to our bathrooms.

When out in the market, the products offered by these sanitary ware suppliers in India will surely impress you with their comprehensive range, top-notch features, quirky designs, and a price range to die for.

#1. Hindwarehomes:

Backing the first position amid the top 5 sanitary ware manufacturers brands in India, Hindware marks its presence all across the globe. Founded in the year of 1960 by Mr. Rajender K Somany as Hindustan Twyfords, it back then, was only engaged in the making of vitreous ceramics in India. Today, Hindwarehomes is famous for its exceptional collection of classy, jazzy yet elegant sanitary ware products and faucets selection.

The company offers an exquisite line of designs and manufactures innovate products for the global market. Its designs and modern technology aresynonymous to a flawless masterpiece. Some top grade products made by Hindwarehomes include wash basins, water closets, faucets, bathtubs, bathroom accessories, urinals and other lifestyle products.

#2. Parryware:

Beginning its operations in India as a subsidiary of EID Parry, Parryware was later acquired by the MurugappaGroup and is known as a subsidiary of Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd. now. Standing second on the list, the Sanitaryware producer is a master in bringing-in new tech-driven trends in the sanitary ware industry in India. It’s a renowned brand mostly known for its cisterns, toilet seats, dual flush water closets and microbial surfaces. Parryware’s range of products spell practicality, contemporariness, and value for money.

#3. Cera:

Cera is another premium sanitary ware manufacturing brand of India. The company is most acclaimed for its high-quality, creative and innovate products. Products by Cera speak of an extravagant experience which is simply unmatched. The company has an excellent after-sales service record as well. Similar to other sanitary ware distributors and dealers, Cera too offers an exciting range of products. These include, sensor faucets, seat covers, table top wash basins, shower panels, electronic flushing system enabled water closets and urinals, and other bathroom accessories.

#4. Kohler:

Kohler is one of the oldest operating sanitary ware manufacturing company in India. Founded in 1870 by John Michael Kohler, the company is claimed to produce the best bathroom products along with kitchen equipment, furniture, generators, and engines.

#5. Jaquar:

If there’s something that spells class, it’s the bathroom products by Jaquar. A brainchild of Mr. NL Mehra, Jaquaroffers a comprehensive range of top-quality, designer bathing solutions. The brands is considered as one of the market leaders when it comes to stylish bathroom fittings and fixtures. Water closets, shower panels, lighting products, urinals, steam cabins, etc. are a few products made by Jaquar.



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