Top 20 Things to Bring to your Next Music Festival

music festival things you need to know

The best way to unwind with your friends and have the time of your life is going to a music festival.Your favorite singers jamming is a memory you will always keep. So if you haven’t been to one yet, you have been missing out seriously.

Anyway, a music festival is days long with so much crowd that is basically impossible to get through to a food stall or anything else. So it is important that you pack the basic necessity as well as some cool gadgets that will greatly help you.

So here is a list of Top 20 Things to Bring to your Next Music Festival:

1. Pick right shoes for long-standing

Music festival means you have to stand for a long time so wear comfortable shoes and carry a bag with shoe sac so that whenever you want your feet to breathe, you can put them in the sac.

2. The coolest cooler

It not only stores your drinks but have an ice blender, Bluetooth speakers, a bottle opener and LED lights.

3. Carpet

Some festival goes on day and night, and you might need to camp there. So for such events, you need to find a cool spot for you and your friends to chill. This can be done by laying down a tarp or carpet for you to relax at intervals.

4. Foldable chair backpack

This backpack will carry your entire essential like snacks and water, but most importantly it comes with a foldable chair which you can use to sit and relax anytime you feel tired during the concert.

5. Cleaning wipes

Pack cleaning wipes and sanitizer too as public washroom are not that hygienic. You will need the sanitizer to wash your hands and even for cleaning the toilet seat. Also, wipes will help keep you fresh while watching the concert by just cleaning the face at intervals.

Moreover, wipes can help you clean your utensils or shoes or any other thing that you feel is not clean.

For long festivals that may expand up to days, pack your toiletry too.

6. Pee funnels

For women, it’s an absolutely must to carry pee funnels, since music festivals means you have to stand for long time. Having pee funnels with you means no more worries about peeing in an exposed area. These pee funnels can help you pee while standing up. You can click here to learn more about pee funnels and how they work.

7. Doppler dub earplugs

These plugs are great to keep your hearing safe, they decrease the volume but not the sound quality of the concert.

8. A fanny pack

You can’t keep your money and phone in the backpack as anyone from behind can take it out. A fanny pack or money belt keeps your possession together and also out of your way. This way you can dance or use your hands but are aware of your bag too.

9. Pack according to weather

Pack some essential things according to weather like an umbrella which is great for both heat and rain. Also, if it’s winter, pack an extra jacket or carry a light blanket. Also, carry a waterproof dry bag and sunscreen.

10. Plastic cups

Invest in some collapsible plastic cups and plate to sip your favorite drink or for snacking.

11. Power banks

They are essential to keep your phone charged all the time especially because you will want to click lots of photos and stay in touch with friends/family. A nice power bank offers you a keychain loop for charging your phone and also an option for attaching it to the money belt. This will help you in keeping it close and also no entanglement with wires.

12. Cash

Plastic cash won’t always work in a music festival, so be smart and pack enough cash with you. Even keeping some change will do you good.

13. Water

Seems basic but many people dehydrate because they don’t carry enough water. Take a cooler and if outside water is not allowed, carry empty bottles, jug or coolers and fill them up at once so you don’t have to wait in a queue to quench your thirst.

14. Lanterns

For camping in a 2 days music festival, it is better to make lanterns. They will light the area up and will also work as a great decoration.

15. Pack some snacks

Most festivals have food but it is a good habit to pack some energy bars, dry fruits and other snacks that will last longer especially if you are attending music festivals for 2-3 days.

16. A carry on the grill

This grill is small and easy to pack and has adjustable legs for standing and packing when not in use.

17. Pocket Blanket

Invest in a pocket blanket that is water resistant, and folds in a size that fits into your pocket or bag. You can check this one out.

18. Eye mask

If you are staying the night in the festival then pack an eye-mask, this will help you take proper rest.

19. Extra clothes

Pack an extra set of clothes especially socks. Because you never know, specific weather conditions like rain, mud or sweat can make you feel dirty or some other unforeseen things may make you require clothes.

20. First aid kit

Pack anything for emergencies like bandages and medicine etc.

Be ready for any situation with this packing list and enjoy your favorite singers without any worries.