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The Uncanny Benefits of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Indian Cooking!

Others Kuldeep 21 November 2017

Amid a colossal range of healthy cooking oils available on the market today, the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil for Indian cooking cannot be ignored. Loaded with the richness of a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, extra virgin olive oil is good for light cooking. It can be used for preparing salads, pesto, sauteed vegetables and many other healthy dishes. Read below to know more!

Considering the fact that supermarkets today are flooded with a broad range of cooking oil brands, there still exists an eternal confusion about the fact that which is the healthiest cooking oil for frying and other cooking needs. Amid such muddle, physicians and dieticians are increasingly talking about the uncanny yet the amazing benefits of olive oil and recommend it as a perfect replacement for butter and many vegetable cooking oils. Available in three different variants – Pure Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, each of these have its own set of health benefits, which are hard to ignore.

To simplify further, extra virgin olive oil, compared to its counterparts, is obtained in the very first round of oil pressing. It evidently has the best flavor and speaks of many compelling health benefits as well. Extra virgin olive oil also has a relatively darker color, lovely grassy aroma, it’s unrefined in nature.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Indian Cooking:

Let’s elaborate a bit more on the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil for Indian cooking.

For salad dressings:

Extra virgin olive oil is heat sensitive. In order to avail its full range of nutrients its best, it’s used in its raw form. Using it for preparing salads is an ideal way. Salads are a healthy and abundant source of vitamins, minerals, and other essential body nutrients. Using extra virgin olive oil in their preparation just adds to their already plentiful nutrients. Further, adding extra virgin olive oil enhances their taste as well as the overall texture of the preparation.


Pestos make for another great way of consuming raw extra virgin olive oil. Prepare a classic Italian basil pesto with basil, garlic, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. You’ll realize the olive oil type just adds a blast of amazing flavors to the dish and makes it more satiating.

Sauteed Vegetables

Since we’ve concluded that extra virgin olive oil is sensitive to heat, use it for adding flavor to your preparations. Toss vegetables in regular cooking oil in ginger-garlic paste and your choice of sauces, and just before you’re about to serve them hot and sizzling, toss them in about 2-3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil for flavor and plentiful health benefits.

Potato Salad:

For most of us, who are diet conscious, potato salad often makes for an essential part of our diet plan. While a potato salad is typically tossed in mustard and mayo sauce, to make a healthier version, toss it in garlic and herb paste made using extra virgin olive oil. Finely chopped parsley can make the dish delicious and lovable.

Choosing extra virgin olive oil over other known healthy cooking oils will never serve as a regretful decision. It contains anti-inflammatory substances that moderate inflammation in the body, offer protection against many cardiovascular diseases, keep cancer at bay, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and also serves as a classic pain reliever. Switch to extra virgin olive oil today!



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