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Special Cup Cake Decoration Ideas for Birthday Celebration

Food Recipe qblumen.de 25 October 2018

Cupcakes are like little dumplings of happiness. They can light up anyone’s but especially a foodie’s mood. Cupcakes are over shadowing the cakes and people are preferring cup cakes over cakes. They are easy to eat and are not messy like regular cakes. And most of all they are very cute. Here we are with some special cupcake decoration ideas for your Birthday Celebration.

Butter Cake with Sour Cream Frosting


These cupcakes are for your daughter, your niece or your girlfriend. These butter cupcakes are made with regular cupcake recipe with a cup of butter milk along with softened butter. They are decorated with nice girly colors pink and purple. You can add pink color to the dough or place the muffin in pink basket. Now frost it with sour cream and tuck beautiful tiny fondant flower over the cupcake. The baking time is 15 minutes whereas the preparation time is hardly 30 minutes.

Mini Monster Cupcakes


These cupcakes are best for the birthday of little monsters at our homes. You can make cupcakes of different colors by adding food color to the dough and bake cupcakes of dark colors. To make a monster take a dark green cupcake, now take liquor-ice to make eyes and mouth of the monster. You can use sour fruit leather to make tongue of monster. Now take any other color add the dark colored frosting and with the help of marshmallows make so many eyes of the monster. This will create a spooky many eye monsters. You can make crooked teeth out of marshmallows and other hard candies. Also you can buy cakes online if you don’t wish to bake it yourself.

Butterfly Garden Cupcakes


If your little one’s birthday comes around spring or summer, go with this idea. How beautiful the cupcake look in form of butterflies and flowers, it would be like a mini garden on your dinner table. Bake few vanilla cupcakes add coloring frosting over it. Now with the help of pretzels make the wings of butterfly. With skittles make the petals of flowers and for the face of the butterfly use hard candies. Your little one will love this surprise for her birthday. If you are sending this to your girlfriend along with it you can also send bouquet of flowers.

Black and White Bows


If you’re planning for a formal birthday party and you’re inviting your colleagues and boss, go for these elegant cupcakes. Bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and cover it with white and brown fondant layer. Now make vanilla and chocolate ganache bows, place it on the top of cupcake in the contrasting colors. You can use these cupcakes for a black and white theme birthday celebrations. These cupcakes would look very classy in anyone’s birthday party and will be the best for an elegant birthday party.

Edible Bouquet of Flowers Cupcake


This is one of the most interesting cupcakes. You need to prepare some 20 to 25 cupcakes. And decorate it with frosting giving it the appearance of flowers. Make sure you go with same color scheme or all them in different bright colored frosting. Now place them in a circular shape and add stems of flowers below this formation. You can tie a ribbon bow around those stems to make it look attractive.

Cupcake Cake


There are cakes, there are cupcakes and now there are also cupcake cakes. These cupcakes are made in a shape of the character. They are trimming from borders to give it proper shape. Cake frosting is apply over the base, resulting it into new cake. Thus, it is the base of cupcakes and frosting is of cakes that makes it a perfect cupcake cake.

Cupcakes are available in many different flavors like butter beer cupcakes, strawberry shortcake cupcake, chocolate truffle cupcake, sprinklers cupcake and apple pie cupcakes. They are also available in various themes like superheroes cupcake, little pandas cupcake, princess cupcakes, rainbow cupcakes and flower cupcakes.