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South Superstar The Thalaiva Rajnikanth Will Join Politics

Rajnikanth Also Said If He Enters Politics, He Will Be Truthful And Won’t Entertain People Who Want To Make Money. I Will Join Politics

Indian Politics and controversy on corruption, bribes, law and order etc are actual complements of each other. We can see lots of in-bound and up-bound things in politics.

Media is also not very visible and true to themselves for the audience so that audience got confused too.

But Common people of India always want our politician as some ‘Nayak’ and some ‘Shivaji The Boss’. What if, we really see The Boss ,’The Thalaiva’ Rajnikanth in the Indian politics.

It will be really extra ordinary and very curious thing to see our hero in real politics apart from movie and theatre.

Yes, Rajnikanth recently gave statement in Chennai, that, he will join politics, if God’s will. He also said if he enters politics, he will be truthful and won’t entertain people who want to make money.

Rajnikanth addressed fans at a meet-and-greet in Chennai on Monday. He said there is no political aspirations but I’ll definitely join politics if God’s provide us a way to join this.

In this speech, thalaiva Rajnikanth told about drugs addiction and it’s causes too. He advised people to don’t get addicted to alcohol.

He also suggested his fans to be truthful to your heart and yourself first. Be honest to your work. He also calls some politicans to be true and support honest only. “Politics is not a field to make money”, said Rajnikanth

Superstar said, my name is being used for political gains. Well, it will be nice to see him in political action in real life politics.