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Salman Khan Donated 5 Mobile Toilets to Clean Mumbai

We all known that in our country clean India campaign is going on and many celebrities and NGO are also already participated in this campaign. Now Bollywood Super star Salman khan and his Being human NGO are get together with BMC to clean Mumbai.

BMC has taken challenge to clean Mumbai so that Salman and his NGO were with BMC to fullfill his achievement. To support BMC Salman has donated 5 Mobile toilets to him.

Salman said that his house is near beach where daily he used to see old ladies doing toilet near Mumbai Express Highway  which is so embracing thing for him.

He also said that we have to try to change mind setup of these people’s and we all have to come forward to make Mumbai clean.

BMC commissioner said that to stop doing in open or on the way toilet 23 thousand workers are working on it and Even Salman also work on many advertisements for clean Mumbai campaign .

Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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