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Pre and Post Skin Care and Hair Treatment Tips For Holi

Others Gaurav Gupta 5 March 2018

Holi is the festival of joy and colours and people meet with lots of enthusiasm and give greetings and enjoy the day different with colours. But colours used on the occasion of holi are tending to contain some chemicals which can prove to be harmful for your skin and hairs.

Some easy ways to protect your skins

Pre skin care tips:


Wear clothes that can cover maximum area of your body so that you can avoid direct contact with the colours. Covering your body can be very effective to protect your skin from allergic chemicals and colours. Avoiding direct contact can be the most effective way to save your skin.

Massage your skin with oil or cream:

You can massage your skin with oil or cream properly with thick layers on the exposed area of your skin mainly on face hands and back of the ears. Having thick layer of oil or cream on skin will protect the colours to get settle on your skin and after playing holi you can easily wash the colours off of your skin just by having simple bath.

Post skin care tips:

Use gentle scrub to remove colours:

After playing holi you can use gentle scrub to remove the colours from your skin. Scrub is important because it extracts out the colours from the deep layers and pores of your skin and also nourishes the skin and gives back the hydrated feel to your skin. Apply it on your facila skin and hands and other body parts where you want to remove the colours.

Besan and milk:

After you wash your face and scrub it of shading with a chemical, touch it dry, apply a cream and let it remain. After around a hour or somewhere in the vicinity, take a blend of besan, haldi and cream and tenderly back rub apply it on the face. Keep it for ten minutes after the back rub and flush. This will be helpful and will reestablish your unique skin surface, and you would get a moment gleam and will influence your skin to sparkle.

Some easy ways to protect your hairs:

Pre hair care tips:

Uses of hat:

Before you go out to play holi and shower yourself with different colours you can put hat on your head to protect your hairs from getting splashed with colours and water. Colours contain chemicals which can damage the health of your hairs and scalp it the colour rest on your head for long span of time.  Wearing hat will help to get your scalp protection from contaminated colours. As if you had played holi without hat you must have noticed that your hairs feel dry and there is itching sensation to your scalp.  So it is good to wear hat on the occasion of holi.

Use oil to massage your scalp:

You can massage your scalp with oil as it will act as a coating and the lubricating elements don’t allow the colours to settle on your scalp and hairs and protects them from getting damaged.

Post hair care tips:

Use herbal hair color:

In the wake of playing holi you can utilize Herbal Hair Color can be an ideal answer for your hairs. In the wake of playing holi you can feel that your hair feel bunched up and dry and the shading you had before is by all accounts washed away. So you can shade your hairs with natural hair shading as it gives incredible shading and is free of chemicals. Herbal hair colour are best for coloring hairs.

Gaurav Gupta

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