Manveer Singh Gurjar: Winner of BigBoss10

Manveer is the only one contestant in commoner who become favourite of all inside and outside of BigBoss house as winner. Now he become star and famous in

Manveer Singh Gurjar win heart of all and also become winner of BigBoss10 and the Winner price of Rs 40 lakh already handover to him. Only officially Big-boss winner trophy will be given on Grand finale of Big-boss 10.

Manveer is the only one contestant in commoner who become favourite of all inside and outside of BigBoss house. Now he become star and famous in world. In bigboss 10 First time commoner become winner of bigboss 10 season.

Bhojpuri actress Monalisa After out from bigboss house she has already announced that Manveer will be the winner of this season which is already fixed, because Manveer is only contestant who is playing in bigboss house with full planning and strategy.

Through all location Manveer has got high amount of vote. For vote Manveer’s friends and family members also worked hard.

Journey of Manveer in BigBoss10 from commoner to star

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We all known very well that Manveer is commoner contestant and for commoner to get entry in bigboss is difficult but by himself he had make video of 15min of himself and then his nephew has uploaded on her on bigboss id through which he had got selected as contestant in bigboss10. In all task of BigBoss Manveer has done awesome work well played in house.

Manveer with close friends Nitibha and Manu

His friendship with Manu Punjabi to his more-than-friendship with Nitibha Kaul were awesome. Some time audience got confused about Nitibha and Manveer’s relationship also. Now Nitibha is saying after eviction he has found a best friend in BigBoss house as Manveer.

Manveer trying to control situation after Baba’s bad behave with Mona

He was one contestant inside the house who kept his friends close but enemies closer and even handled a difficult person like Swami Om with great patience and composure. He always trying to manage the situation of Swami Om like contestant also. This complement was also given by host Salman Khan during Weekend Ka War.

M3 Gang : Manveer , Manu and Mona in BigBoss 10

He showed his unconditional love towards his friends Manu and Mona and their M3 gang ruled the hearts of the audience.

He was totally change in bigboss house in look and attitude life style from first day as a commoner to a famous star.

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