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Legendary Veteran Bollywood Actor Vinod Khanna Is No More, Aged 70 Dies

Bollywood Legend Vinod Khanna Was Of 70 And Suffering From Dangerous Disease That Today He Is Dead. From Long Time He Was Suffering From Bladder Cancer

End of an Era of Bollywood, we can say

Today once again Bollywood has lost something big as a great actor and girl’s fantasy Vinod Khanna. He was of 70 and suffering from dangerous disease that today he is dead.

From long time he was suffering from cancer and many other disease but only to good treatment he was live still yet.

To Bollywood Vinod khanna Ji has given lots of historical films and awards. The iconic actor, who began his stint in films playing small and mainly negative roles, soon turned lead actor thanks to love of his fans now he is not more between us  He has given his tribute to Bollywood as actor and producer and he has also work as politician .

He has given equal time to his work and family both that why he has full support of family and Bollywood.His family members were always with him in his last stage of his life.

We will never forget him and his work even no body can forget whatever he had given to Bollywood.