Jobless Man Applied for ‘Office Boy’ at Microsoft, HR Interviewed but After That..

HR of the Microsoft taken interview and ask him to clean the floor of the company. Man started cleaning and he got passed too in the interview.

A poor and jobless man applied as office boy at Microsoft company. HR of the Microsoft taken interview and ask him to clean the floor of the company. Man started cleaning and he got passed too in the interview.

After that HR said, ‘Congratulation! You are hired so please give me your email ID and I’ll send you appointment letter on your email id with the date of joining’.

Man replied with a disappointment that, ‘I don’t have any email id even I never used computer too because I don’t have a computer system.’

HR started thinking and after 5 seconds HR said, ‘Sorry, If you don’t have any email id means you don’t exist in the e-world and Microsoft like tech giant don’t hire any non-existing person in the company.

It was very sad day for the man even he only had $10 to survive but if he spent that money anywhere then he can’t even buy food for him. The man was totally disappointed and started believing that he can’t survive. So started thinking and suddenly went to a supermarket and came with a crate of tomatoes with money he had.

He went door to door and sold all the tomatoes within an hour and then believed that he can survive now because he had now $20. After this respond he got excited and repeated the process thrice. The man returned home with $60 at end of the day. Now he got understood the logic and maths so started to repeat this process every day early in the morning and return late.

He didn’t invest only $10 but now he can invest more than $10 so he started double and triple investment everyday. Very soon he bought a truck and after that he had his own armada of truck to deliver vegetables door to door.

Within 5 years that man turn into a great businessman and became one of the biggest food retailers in the United State. So he decided to have some insurance policy for the betterment of his family and their future.

He invited an insurance broker and selected a plan but after all clarity and end of the discussion that broker asked, ‘Sir please give me your email id”.

That businessman replied “I don’t have any email address”.

Broker got shocked and replied, ‘You don’t have an email id even on this you had this successful empire. Wow. Did you ever imagine what you could have been if you had email id?’

The man thought for a second and smiled with some tears in his eye and replied, ‘Obviously, I could be an office boy at Microsoft’

If you just lost your Job or Just failed an Interview Don’t worry and be Optimistic….. Good days are on the way and something better is reserved for you.

Just trust your life and never give up in the negative surrounds. Understand the opportunities during your bad days, I just wanted to inspire you to think this way.

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