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30 Successful Rich Indian Women Earlier Belonged To Normal Family

Motivation Ritu 8 March 2019
30 Successful Rich Indian Women Earlier Belonged To Normal Family

Women’s day is around the corner, and we take this day as an opportunity to show respect to the sparkling and ambitious ladies who have successfully changed the thinking of society. The women that we are going to talk about started their career from nothing in their hand are now in the top-notch positions and are the successful rich Indian women. Today they have reached a level that no one has ever thought or imagined in this male-driven society. Do you want to enlighten your knowledge about them, then let’s get started.

  1. Reita Faria Powel – Coming from conservative family did not stop her from being the first Asian women to take the title of Miss World. She was the first doctor who grabbed this title.

  2. Kalpana Saroj – She got married at the age of twelve belonged to a poor Dalit family now runs a hundred million dollar company which started taking a loan from the government.

  3. Sheetal Mehta Walsh – She is now the founder of “Shanti Life” which is a very famous micro-financing company helping villagers. Coming from a very poor community, she turned out to be really successful. She has shared her life experience in various platforms.

  4. Sudha Chandran – Coming from a not so rich family, this young girl went through a major accident is now a famous television and movie actress. She is among the highly paid actresses of today’s time and has given prominent performances.

  5. Sindhutai Sapkal – She has faced a lot in her life; was thrown by her husband during the last days of pregnancy gave birth to her son in cow shelter. She begged in the road and came across the harsh reality or orphans is now taking care of more than 14,000 kids and won 500 prestigious awards too.

  6. Indra Nooyi – Coming from an impoverished background is now among the most powerful woman working as the president of Pepsi. Started working as the night staff and reaching this position is nothing but glorious.

  7. Patricia Narayan – She started her work by selling pickles, squashed, and other beverages is now running chains of restaurants. She has seen the worst times during her marriage with her drug-addicted husband and bad financial life.

  8. Ekta Kapoor – Though she is a daughter of legendary Jeetendra but has started her career under the financial clutches. She started her office in a garage is now the television queen. Her ideology and thought process has changed the entire TV industry.

  9. Pratibha Patil – The first and the only woman who held the office of the President of India came from a not so good family on the financial basis.

  10. Kiran Bedi – After having a struggled childhood between home, sports, studies and financial problems is today an inspiration of all. She is the first woman officer and UN civil police advisor.

  11. Justice M. Fathima Beevi – Coming from a poor Muslim family conquered her fears and reached the position of first female judge of the country.

  12. Mary Kom – She belongs to a very small village of the north-eastern state. Her life journey can also be seen in Priyanka Chopra starrer movie Mary Kom. She is the first Indian lady to won six world championships.

  13. Bachendri Pal – Do, you the who was the first women to reach the Mount Everest top. She was none other than Bachendri Pal. She hailed from a small Nepali family and now works for the expedition.

  14. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – She is the only and the very first billionaire lady of the country came from a small family with many monetary problems.

  15. Jayshree Ullal – She is among the 18th in the list of self-made richest women as per the Forbes today is a technology executive has a worth of 1.3 billion dollars.

  16. Neerja Sethi – She bagged the 21st position of self-made the richest women as per the Forbes 2017, with a worth of 924 Million dollars.

  17. Sheela Gautam – If you have ever heard or used Sleepwell mattresses then she is the name behind it is now among the richest and successful women who started from nothing.

  18. Helen – We all know her as the evergreen dancing diva. She lost her father during the second world war and later fled to India with her mother for survival. She started her career from nothing and reached the pinnacle of success and made a mark in the Bollywood.

  19. Susanne Klateen – Coming from Germany is an Indian origin woman who is known as a famous automaker BMG is the richest woman with 25 billion dollar worth.

  20. Shradha Agarwal – She has now net worth of 8200crore is an Indian woman who is a co-founder if Outcome Health offering investment options worldwide started with no money.

  21. Smriti Irani – She was once floor scrubber at Mc Donald’s changed her career as Tulsi; an evergreen character of the TV industry to a successful leader of the country too.

  22. Chandra Kochar – She is one of the powerful women and also a CEO of ICICI Bank started her career from a poor backdrop family.

  23. Kangana Ranaut – Coming from a small town of Himachal Pradesh did not have a good financial base is now a three-time National award winner and also the costliest actress of the country too.

  24. Sunita Tomar – She is known as the poster girl for the anti-tobacco campaign. During her childhood, she got introduced to tobacco which she said was fun doing. Later she was diagnosed by cancer. Later she joined the public awareness program that was really successful all around the country.

  25. Anadibai Gopalrao Joshi – Coming from a protected family, she worked was the first woman to study Western medicine and also the first to travel to the USA was India’s first physician.

  26. Arunima Sinha – She is an inspiration already,who was among the national football team of the country and was playing with one amputated leg. Today, she is the only and the first woman amputee in the entire world.

  27. Roshini Sharma – This young girl came out in the limelight when she drove to Kashmir from Kanyakumari in her motorbike and also the first Indian women to do so.

  28. Harshini Kanehakar – Not knowing that she is the only and the first one to be a part of the fire engineering has now become the first fire women of the country. She has gone through loads of trauma and bullies, but her determination is the secret of success.

  29. Arunima Sinha – Having an amputated leg did not stop her from reaching the top of the Everest. She is the first amputee to reach this level, and no one has crossed her goal until now.

  30. Sureka Yadav – Coming from a low-income family was the first, and only women train driver of not only India but of entire Asia. She drove Deccan Queen to Mumbai from Pune despite bad route.

All these women are an inspiration who makes us believe in hard work more than luck. We salute to their endeavor and look forward to more such personalities to give our country and youth a better virtue.



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