What is Plecibo Effect? 7 Steps to Change Your Negative Believe System

Truth is nothing but what we believe truth is..

Yes, right said in the above line. Many of us always talk about their fear, problems, hassle etc. Thus, they believe that they are not getting success due to this or that issue. May be you are too. Eg; they see a success person start arguing like that person has proper facilities or because of his/her star (good luck). But actually that’s not 100% true. Well, before I explained everything you need to know about your believe system and plecibo effect in it.

Plecibo Effect in the Belief System:

This Plecibo Effect, a psychological phenomenon which works with the help of your belief system. It in general says that anyone holding any belief can be changed if he/she starts believing in that positively.  During a survey of WHO in Canada, doctors gave medicine to few cancer patient and said that if they will take this medicine continuously for 7 days, their cancer will go off. After 10 days, when doctors checked the report they got amazed because they have witnessed more than 60% recovery from 7 patient among total 10 patient. But you will be surprised that it was not at all the any medicine but just sugar free tablets. What has actually worked here is the Plecibo effect, a belief that if doctor is saying that their cancer will go off, this simply meant for them that it will go off and then their body started reacting to their positive belief system. A simple positivity in the attitude can bring many big changes in life.

In Madhya Pradesh, India; an incident happened when 46 years old man Mr. Rajinder got bitten by a snake while he was sleeping. After he felt pain in his leg he went to the hospital and the doctor at hospital told a lie that there is no problem, you just have bitten by an insect. Rajinder recovered within a day. But after 10 days, one of his cuisines disclosed the truth and told him you was actually bitten by snake. And within 1 hour Rajinder got expired. The shocking thing happened was, when doctors checked his body they found poison in his body as like 1 hour before, he was bitten by any snake.

Scientists say these both are nothing but medical research based methodology placebo effect, in which people responses positive or negative after a fake treatment by patient brain.

What is a core believe system?

Ohk.. Let me explain with some examples;
Eg 1; Core believes:
I don’t have money to invest in business, so I can’t do it.
Actually what happened:
An orphan boy establish a company, named Apple and that boy was Steve Jobs.
Eg 2; Core believes:
My father is poor.
Actually what happened:
A petrol pump worker established a petrol pump along with a million dollar company and he was Dheerubhai Ambani.
Eg 3; Core Believes:
Without husband, a woman is nothing.
Actually what happened:
J . K. Rowling written Harry Potter series and become world’s richest writer, only because his husband left her.

A core belief system is the biggest barrier of the innovation and discovery

A core Believe System can cause of the following reasons:

What is Plecibo Effect 7 Steps to Change Your Negative Believe System
Reason 1 – Interpretation of any accident or incident:

When an accident helps you to collect any positive or negative references and by those references you create your own interpretation that for future. An optimistic person can be positive in most of the negative situation while a negative person collects references to cross the positive situation and mended as well at any cost.

Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player of India is the best example when she lost her legs in an accident and after she woke up in the hospital she told to herself if I am alive that means God want that, I’ve to create a history. And she decided that she will climb to the Everest without legs.   Most of the people are often thinks negative like; I were a volleyball player and I’ve lost my legs now what can I do? I’ve nothing to achieve my dream.. Bla bla bla ..

Reason 2 – Social proofs and social beliefs:

Social beliefs come from our culture, society traditions and values. In a Hindu religion, Mangalik girl can only marry to a mangalik boy otherwise it will cause to the danger of the boy’s health. Many of the sources say, Bollywood legend actor Rajesh Khanna was a mangalik guy and got married with another Bollywood celebrity Dimple Kapadia, who was not mangalik at all. According to the social regional beliefs, Rajesh Khanna’s life should more than his wife Dimple.

Reason 3 – Emotional feelings:

Emotions are nothing but an integral part of a person’s own mind and it influences on the choices one you will have to make or create. Most of the emotional believes come from;

  • Politics
  • Relationship
  • Religion

If someone broken his/her relation with you that doesn’t mean nobody will love you. Ohh grow up … Bollywood superstar Abhishek Bachchan rejected by some girls just because he has to be a husband of Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

In politics, sometime we know that, party to which I supports actually doing wrong but due to emotions likes ego or love make us fake and we show others that we are happy with the all decision taken by party I support.  That ego or love is the emotions that create a core belief system.

If someone broken –up his/her relation with you that doesn’t mean you are not good but simply mean he/she is not perfect for you.

Ways to change your core belief system: ‘It is not possible’ to ‘Let me think how it can be possible’

Core ideological belief of a student: Suppose I completed my graduation with a distance learning means I’m not able to join a Multi-National Company.  Should I head-down and crying that, MNC won’t give me job?

After change of the belief: What the hell yaar.. Why I should do it? Actually think in a different way.  If you were graduated from a regular university you’ll join MNC. But just because you graduated from distance learning, you ’ve opportunity to create jobs for others.


Step 1 – Identify one belief, you want to change:

First you select one of your main core beliefs you actually wants to change. About your main belief, you know better so that you can do better with this example. Your main belief doesn’t fluctuate so that target first for better experimental exercise.

Step 2 – Leave your assumptions for future:

As we all know, belief always created in the way, in which past happened and according to past we create a belief for future. We predict a fake belief for next steps too. Ok, so now start thinking about a developing attitude and drop the belief from the incident happened in the past.

Forget about this is true and this is false attitude. You say yourself that, I’m ready to change my this core belief.. No need to decide anything in this step. Just be in a developing attitude with a refreshing mind.

Step -3 Is there any fear of uncertainty?

Normally people are habitual to think that, what will be? How will be and so many other questions. In this step, you don’t have to think that, will it be change or not? You just have to think that, if this exercise won’t work then what will you loss? Don’t think about risk at all. Challenge yourself.

Step -4 Identify resistance and transform it in another way:

Anytime, when we start change any system fear of resistance is the common thing. Our belief system also comes with the same problem. But you can decrease it very easily. Keep calm and take a deep breath.  After that ask few question to you;

In the previous belief system, what was the resist thing? By that old belief system, what thing you couldn’t achieve which you really want? Identify fear relate to the new system? If you find any fear in the new system then take a deep breath and explore the thing that will decrease your fear.
Step – 5 Happily think what your life will get with your new belief:

After transforming your belief to the new one, how your life will be? Feel joy and imagine the happiness. If you want to be a job creator just imagine, just live in that world. Enjoy that feeling.

If possible, write down your feelings and joy about your imaginary world with new belief.

Think about the result after you will change your old belief that you are not able to join MNC. Because now you can establish an MNC.

You can’t get any job in MNC but you can create jobs for others in your MNC.
Step 6- Design the overall plan:

Ohk, after previous step get completed, come back in the real world. Now you’ve decided the result and specify the goal. Now you’ve to design, what about the plan for next few days or month. Design each steps and do some paper work. These things must care during this step;

  • Start with small time slot and schedule a day wise planning.
  • Every day remind yourself about your goal. You can set an alarm, draw your goal on chart-paper or craft-board and paste it in your room.
  • Stay away from your orthodox friends and relatives for some time.
Step 7 – Implement your new story:

Interpretation is the core thing of the belief system. But if you came to this point that means you don’t have to give up. It’s time to create your new story. Start to create the environment by which you’ll achieve your goal. Focus on your dream with your new belief. Properly implement your company with your new belief.

Nobody has superpower; it’s your own belief to make it true or false.
Preeti Mishra
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