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Is Playing Video Games Can Affect You?

Is Playing Video Games Can Affect You_

In this post, we’re more likely to open up with an issue that millions of peoples have issues on it. Let’s talk about the point whether playing video games can be good or bad? Generally, video games do not affect you unless you become addicted to it. Let’s presume in this way that a video game is most played and is a great way to spend the time in leisure.

Hence, like anything you play or do in excess can have potential risk involved. So when you play in excess it could be a straight meaning that you’re getting addicted to it. Gamers are not loners most of the video games played are either played in the company of friends or with the squad to improve specific skills that will attempt to have a positive effect on your social life too. Popular games like Call of Duty and GTA have been seriously blamed for everything such as falling grades at school and provoking acts of extreme violence. With that said video games are always taken as a piece of entertainment,however, the link between video games and violence has been debated for decades now. But still, we don’t seem to find an adequate answer.

There are wide range of video games are available such as the PC, Action, narrative, Zombie, cooperative, adventure, idle, puzzle, sports, games in flash ,simulation video games and much more. So know Top 10 upcoming games in 2019.

Life-enhancing games Vs. Influential games

If we’re looking at the diverse category of games played today we must have seen games like Rollercoaster, Candy Crush, Runescape that help the player to develop strategies and master various skills and pattern recognition. Yet there is another segment of video games that depict as you are a soldier with guns and ammo with a moving squad killing peoples, one has the question whether these are signs of dangerous influence in a gamer’s mind.

For many video games that offer a grand opportunity or to immersive yourself to aggressiveness, particularly the call of duty and GTA. These games are likely labeled as one of the provoking games which havean act of extreme violence. But with no clear answer and rigidity, we can’t just say it video games can be the reason for actual violence. In some way or another, this is pretty much a great substitute for entertainment.

Some studies have shown that the Runescape games let you enter the fantasy world of Geilinor with ancient gods battling for dominions. They are more fun to play with brand new skill sets and over 200 gripping story on board. It also demonstrated that the first person shooter games have improved a player capacity to see things in three dimensions. This explains further about the improvement in eyesight with the ability to focus more on the screen improved the eyesight. With all this said it also improves the self-esteem when played with a team and making new friends helps in calming the depression inside.

Playing Runescape games such as Hall of heroes, RPG MO or Sword Art online which is are an amazing game where you witness the living skills. Just like picking up materials and able to find resources with a map, digging and crafting constantly teaches you the strategy and also there is a feeling of progress which comes eventually after moving up through different levels.

Aren’t you just wasting time with video games?

Most parentshave a separate vies in which teenagers are abstained from playing video games when they could do other stuff. However, if we look for other aspects that there are downtimes in everyone’s life which makes us completely stressful. It’s time to find a meditative time with video games to enter the world of fantasy and witness a evidence and benefits we reap from playing video games. Some of the benefits even accompanied by changes that take place in our brain and we see them motivated once again.


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