Why Gulab Jamun Is Hard Or Break While Frying And Deeping Into Syrup ?

Refrigeration of the uncooked gulab jamun dumplings are also a potential source of this issue. Always allow room temperature to be attained

Why Gulab Jamun is hard and break while deeping into syrup and frying ?

Gulab Jamun  is very normal sweet dish but very delicious evergreen sweet forever.

You will be shocked to know that Gulab Jamun is not Indian sweet of its mainly made in India but it is Persian dish. Firstly came from medieval India. Gulab jamun is derived from persian word gol means flower and ab means water. And we know that Gulab jamun maily prepared by deeping it into rose water and syrup.

Why Gulab Jamun called Gulab Jamun?

Yes it really very interesting  question why Gulab jamun called Gulab Jamun. Because Gulab Jamun which is made from dough and oil deep fried, and are soaked in Rose water and saffron. Here ‘Gulab’ means ‘Rose’ and Jamun indicates the shape of a flower named as Jamun.

Gulab Jamun can be made in home easily but while preparing  it we face lot problem here is full solution  of your problem.

Why Gulab jamun dough is too hard inside after deeping it into syrup?

This type of problem we all face lot even every time while making it. Here’re the four solution I’m mentioning for this problem;

1. One of best solution  of this problem  is that for making Gulab Jamun don’t  use too much water or very less water both  can make your Gulab Jamun hard.

2. Khoa or dough ball of Gulab jamun  should always covered by protected by heat before frying. If your room temperature  is normal like 20 to 30 degree then don’t  use refrigerated khoa. Always fry your ball only till little brown and remove it from oil.

3. Dont heat your  oil at very highest fumes . Always try to fry your Gulab Jamun at low fumes and try to heat oil in room temperature. So that moisture  can be in maintain  in dough ball of Gulab Jamun. After that start frying your Gulab jamun.

4. Either syrup or jamun must be hot before putting the jamun into the syrup. Other should be at room temperature. If both are at room temperature or cold, there will be the issue you mention. No syrup absorbed into jamun’s  so If both are hot, jamuns might break.

While frying Gulab Jamun why it break in oil or gee pan?

Problem of breaking Gulab jamun while frying is very common only moisture of Gulab jamun is problem  of breaking  it.

Mainly solution  of this problem is moisture if there is no moisture  in your dough ball then it might break.

Get the right consistency and fry immediately. If you are getting  late then cover your dough of Gulan jamun with moisture  clothes t maintain  it consistently.

Refrigeration of the uncooked dumplings are also a potential source of this issue. Always allow room temperature to be attained, check the moisture level and then deep fry.

If you overcompensate the moisture, you’ll get rock hard jamuns.

Now I hope your all problem  related to making  Gulab Jamun is solve so go with your favourite  sweet Gulab Jamun dish and rock.

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