Improve Your Math by Playing Online Rummy Game

Improve Math by Playing Online Rummy

Games are not just a source of recreation alone. Some of the games help you draw benefits in terms of developing your stamina, skills and of course your cognitive abilities too. Games also help develop motor skills in children and introduce the concepts of colours, numbers, and patterns among children. In case of adults, different games offer different benefits. If games like football or cricket help you develop your stamina and skills, there are card games like online rummy game that help you improve on various fronts. Rummy is a very popular name in the country. It is a game where you meld the cards in sets and sequences. You use your mental skills in order to accomplish the objective.

Here we discuss how to play rummy and how rummy can help you improve certain math concepts. Concept of sequences

According to Indian rummy rules, a sequence is three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Spades form a sequence. Now, during the course of your playing the games, you’ll realize forming sequence is just one part of it. But the most important part is to evaluate which are the cards that’ll help you with more number of combinations to form the sequences? Take for instance; you have 2, 4, 6 or Hearts. Here you could either go with a 3 or a 5 to complete your sequence. You’ll realize 5 as a middle card is a very versatile card that will help you with more number of combinations. Thus, rummy helps you not only under the concept of sequences but also those combinations that’ll help you in winning the game.

The concept of probability

Another important math concept best learned and understood by playing and knowing rummy rules is about permutation and combination. The game begins with the dealing of cards which you need to meld into sequences and sets. With two decks of a standard deck of 52 cards, the probability of you getting the four cards in a sequence belonging to the same suit is almost negligible. However, a seasoned rummy player understands the odds at stake by examining the cards at hand. If it is a 13 card rummy game and you already have 5 jokers at hand, then the probability of your opponent having the remaining jokers is none or few. Because in 13 cards game 2 printed jokers and 8 wild card jokers together form the 10 card jokers of the game. It is your mathematical concept of probability that will help you determine the number of jokers your opponent may likely have in order to help you calculate your odds of winning the game.

The concept of even and odd cards

In a situation where you are dealt with more number of even cards, it clearly gives out the signal that your opponent may either be having more number of odd numbers of cards. This understanding will help you to determine what cards should be discarded to ensure you do not help your opponent achieve an easy win by giving away the cards he/she may want.


No matter how much you ponder over it, the fact that rummy is based on your mental skills and is dependent on certain math concepts cannot be negated. Thus, it is evident that by improving on your rummy skills you’ll invariably improve your mathematical concepts too.