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How To Manage Daily Problems and Negativity Faced By Teenagers: Expert Tips

Motivation zunairakhan017 26 July 2018

Trouble often happens without bothering to announce itself. And it is when you are least prepared that the difficulty arises. When that happens, take the time to observe yourself, analyze your thoughts and reactions.

The most common are: “Why? How? What should you have done? Whose fault is it? … “
You think then that your life would be if this problem did not arise, the consequences, your other problems …


Awake, you must realize that at this moment, you are disconnected from the present moment. I will administer the best of remedies😉

The significant problems we face when we are at the same level of thinking – Albert Einstein

We can not solve a problem by being at the same level of thought as we were when we created it!

When we learn a disappointing news, we react emotionally, it’s human. It must be clearly understood, however, that we are only interpreting the facts.

As we rehearse what could have (or should) be done, we choose to disconnect from reality. By maintaining the problem in a masochistic way, we are only delaying the moment of the solution.

The problem and its solution are neither in the past nor even in the future but in the present moment!

Connect to reality as it is now. Unless you have a time machine, there is nothing you can do in the past or in a future projection.

Mobilize your mind by fully accepting the situation as it stands at this moment. As unacceptable, painful, unjust as it is, you must acknowledge it by avoiding any judgment. As Albert says, raise your level of thinking.

It is only with such hindsight that you can then mobilize all of your resources (your ability to think) to the solution.

Believe me, you did the hard part. Accepting the facts is not easy.
If you have the habit of rehashing them, you will release some discipline.

The solution is to look in the present moment

Start by identifying whenever you seem to be disconnecting from reality. Write down all those moments when you are crying.

No, do not flog yourself 🙂
Just recognize these events for what they are.

Your “demons of the past” are making a desperate attempt to regain the upper hand.

Just being aware of this phenomenon is enough to chase them away. And it also tells you that you are well in the moment.

The more you realize it, the more often you will be.

And the more you are in the moment, the stronger you will be facing the problem.

Moreover, it is a “problem” only because you interpret it that way.

A problem? … not a challenge

A problem is a great opportunity. Problems faced by teenagers increasing in the united states and teens are using drugs to get rid of it but off course they can’t because of drugs. we must have to face it.

A life without trial would be a life without any flavor. These “problems” or rather opportunities are tests that make us grow.

Like an obstacle course, every challenge is a step closer to maturity. Appreciate in advance the challenge presented to you.

When I see an inevitable problem looming, I often smile.

And I’m not a masochist.

I’m just anticipating the prospect of being able to learn from this new experience.

Now that you are emotionally dressed, let’s see how to react.

And now, act

Ok, you did not expect this problem challenge you. The situation has changed.
You accept it, that’s good. You adapt is better.

The question you must now ask yourself:

From the current situation, what do I really want?

If you answer compulsively “I want to solve my problem”, I invite you to start reading this article again otherwise … I get angry 🙂

Just asking yourself what you want will give you new perspectives.
You will be able to discover and consider a new field of possibilities. Above all, take the time to write on a sheet of paper the answers that come to your mind.

If, however, you were out of inspiration, there is a secret weapon.

The “three default solutions” to handle a problem

Faced with a problematic situation, the three basic solutions are: to accept it, to change it, to leave it.

Take the example of a thorny neighborhood problem. It is a lived experience.
You live peacefully in an idyllic co-ownership. When, horror, new neighbors come to make your life impossible day and night.

This situation ends up having serious consequences on your existence and cannot last anymore.

After the temptation to pity you on your fate, you decide to handle the problem. Your “three default options” are:

  • the accept
    Your noisy neighbors unsupported you. Can you resolve to overcome these inconveniences? 
    I tested ear plugs, meditation, and other methods. It did not succeed in
  • the change
    How can you stop this embarrassment? 
    I undertook courtly mediation, legal procedures and even the strong way. It did not succeed me anymore.
  • the exit
    What alternative look to escape these incivility?
    This solution actually seemed obvious to me when I wondered what I really wanted.
    It did not have the last word or make me respect. What I really wanted was: peace and tranquility in my living environment. The move was then imposed.

When I think back to this experience, I feel a great satisfaction.

It allowed me to define the criteria of the comfort of life in which I wanted to evolve. And I ended up realizing the solution I was looking for.

Without this mishap, I could never have realized that.

Now, when a “problem” comes your way, smile.

Because there is no problem, just solutions to experiment 😉

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