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How to Get Train Food Delivery at Bhopal Station

You no longer have to depend on the ill-stocked pantry cars to get your meals on a train. Now, it is actually possible to get your favorite meals delivered fresh at your preferred station. All you have to do is avail of e-catering services and mobile e-catering apps on your smartphones. You can give your train booking details and have your choice of meals delivered right where you want them delivered. So, for train food delivery at Bhopal station for instance, you can pre-order the meal before you start the train journey or even while you are traveling. Once the order is placed and payments made through credit card or other accepted payment gateways, the food will be sent to Bhopal station in time.

Ways to get train food delivery at Bhopal station:

  • To get train food delivery at Bhopal station, there are some quick and easy steps that you must follow. To start with, you need to identify an e-catering service of reputed which enjoys good customer feedbacks and positive ratings. The site you choose should be able to offer you a wide choice of meals and cuisines. This will let you choose different meals for different family members if required. This is an added advantage especially when you happen to be traveling with elders and very young children. You will not want to give them food prepared on the trains or from the kiosks at the railway platfor


  • You must choose an e-catering service which can offer you meals in environment-friendly packages or biodegradable parcels. The meals must be prepared fresh after the order has been received and they should be delivered piping hot.
  • You need to type in your booking number after choosing the train you are traveling in and the station you want the meals to be delivered at. Orders can either be placed through phone or on the website itself using the app. You can choose your favorite food from the variety of menus available on the site. It is therefore necessary to partner with a site which has tie-ups with many established and reputed restaurants. A well-known site will have a better network of food suppliers and vendors with services in many places throughout the country. That will ensure you can get your choice of meals too, no matter where you travel. For instance, you can enjoy North Indian cuisine even if you may be traveling to the South.
  • It is also wise to choose a site which keeps both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options. Some sites even serve specially prepared Jain meals. Whether it is snacks or main course meals, beverages or finger foods, you should be able to order for anything on such a site. Moreover, the site should have an easy-to-use interface and helpful search filters so that users can find what they want quickly. The payment processes should also be hassle-free and cancellation should be possible provided the request for cancellation is made in time.

These advantages have made e-catering services very popular for train travelers today. The passengers are satisfied at receiving fresh food on trains and the prices of the meals are also reasonable. The best part about choosing to order food from e-catering services is that you can get your meals at any time of your liking and convenience.

Download IRCTC- Food On Track App – goo.gl/38IYch

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