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How Does the Room of a Future Astronaut Look Like?

Lifestyle hrrsamuel 21 July 2018

Oodles of dynamics can influence the career choice of a kid. A few sort their careers at a very early age, and in fact, everyone around gets to know what these kids are destined for. The career choices are not always demanding, while a few mandate time, efforts and skills. One such is being an astronaut. It puts to test one’s willpower and efficiency in various branches of science, including physics and chemistry.

If the kid is too keen to become the spaceman, then he would have already identified the areas for erudition. As a parent, the role is to kindle the fire in the child and ensure the dream comes into reality after years.

Meticulous planning and engrossment help the kid to live and love the dream. When being an astronaut is on the cards, wouldn’t designing the bedroom for the budding space travel era good gift to start with. Here are few ideas for the bedroom decor for the future astronaut.

Get A Space Themed Bedroom

This is a vast area. You can try to bring in anything and everything your child likes, and of course to meet your budget too. Deep blue paint with the hint of the outer space and white bed would make the space theme perfect. If you can, hang a space costume on the wall. The better option would be customised wallpapers with spaceships and astronauts.

Choose the Perfect Wall Color

Deep blue is the hue for the space-themed bedroom. So, get the room painted in deep blue, and incorporate stars and moon on the ceilings and the walls. Get them painted for a stunning look.

Adding to this, the bed covers and pillow covers with space-related objects can make your kid jump in joy. This can offer a lavishambience, and even in the dreams, the child can feel among the heavenly objects. But, the painting has to be perfect, to play the trick.

Bring in The Solar System

The solar system too is a part of the space. Why not bring them in? At times, the deep blue hue and the stars are not for the rooms that are cramped. In fact, they can make the room feel smaller. Brighter hues can make the room look comfy, and this is where a solar system decor would fit. Get in touch with the designer to create a miniature of the solar system or do it yourself. This can be hung from the ceiling.

The walls can be of any colour, and simply hold photographs of your little one in the astronaut costume or the famous astronauts your child is inspired by.

The Spaceship Theme

Another lavish and affluent decor would be the design of a spaceship. The entire room has to be worked upon to imitate a spaceship. This futuristic design imitates the inside view of the spaceship.

Better try to see how the astronauts live, and you can make alterations to suit the space inside the room. You need LED lights, glass works, and 3D works for this design, and this is going to mesmerising.

If you want a minimalistic design of similar kind, and yet want to spend less, try the theme of the jet plane. Blue and white hues and a few 3D structures can get the job done.

Things to Ponder:

When you have chosen any of these themes, you need to keep in mind that there are lots of compromises.

  • The furniture has to be minimal. There is no room for more than a study table and a small cabinet.
  • You cannot always find the place a perfect ambience for study. The deep hues can be irksome when one has to focus on studying.
  • The designs can be complicated and expensive
  • The space theme for a small kid can do with a rocket flying on the wall, and a few stars, but when the kids grow up, this cannot match their aspirations

Your job doesn’t end at designing the perfect room for your future astronaut. Apart from this massive task, you must ponder over “how to financially aid your child when the time comes”. This mainly includes financing his higher education, particularly required to pursue this profession. As the cost can run into several lakhs, you must create a financial backup from the start, when your child is small.

Choosing an investment plan for child, that helps to accumulate the desired corpus is a sound financial decision. Unit-linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs)can help you in this regard. Apart from providing the fund value at maturity, this investment plan for childalso provides insurance protection, thus a perfect combination of investment+ insurance.

So, plan for child education at the earliest and build a significant corpus for meeting the future expenses of your little Astronaut.