How Can You Get Best Online Travel Food Services in India by IRCTC?

Online Travel Food Services in India

Travel food services in India have undergone a huge change over the last few years. Gone are the days of booking train meals available in pantry cars which were not only bland and tasteless but sometime so spicy that people would fall sick. The only option for travellers in that time was to buy the food that was being sold at kiosks on the railway platforms in different stations. In case the trains got delayed for some reason, the pantry cars would invariably run out of stocks and people would stay hungry on trains. Such complaints about travel food services in India got IRCTC thinking and soon it came up with the provision to book for rain meals online.

How have travel food services in India made our journeys more satisfying?

Today, getting your favorite meal while you travel by trains is no longer impossibility. You can avail of the efficient travel food services in India which make provisions for train passengers to order for meals on their websites. These e-catering services have tie-ups with many established and well-rated restaurants which can deliver hot and tasty meals to you while you are on a train.

Whether you travel solo or with your loved ones, you no longer have to worry about your health. Food delivered to you at the station of your choice will always be freshly prepared and packaged in biodegradable containers that are not only easy to use, but also easy to dispose off. You do not have to depend on the train pantry cars anymore or eat stale food simply to stop those hunger pangs. Food from different restaurants can be ordered by you when you log onto websites of such travel food services in India. The websites are typically cleverly designed so that they are intuitive and easy to use even for newcomers.

How to make payment for online food service by IRCTC? 

You can choose to either pay online using a debit or credit card or pay the deliver staff cash at the station itself. You may use their toll-free phone numbers to place your orders with them before starting the journey or you could book directly for your meals online. Orders may be placed at your convenience both before the journey starts and even afterwards.

When you call the helpline of these travel food services in India, or choose to order on their websites, you will first need to select the station you want the meals to be delivered at. For this, you have to search for the train you are traveling on and stations on its course where such delivery is possible. When this has been decided, you can choose the restaurant and then place the meal of your choice. You may also order different cuisines for different family members from different restaurants. Once the selection is made, you can either pay by card or choose the cash on delivery option. You should however place orders at least an hour or two in advance. Cancellation is also possible when done on time and the money will be refunded to your bank account, in case you have already paid for it.

When choosing travel food services in India, it is always better to read reviews about them first. You may ask your friends and fellow travelers for referrals. You should choose a company which has a reasonably big client base; this indicates its services are good and reliable.

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