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Generation Gaps: How to Deal with Your Parents?

Love & Relationship Ayu 10 February 2019

It is not easy to see yourself drift away from the people you love. Despite having a never-ending affection for your parents, sometimes you fail to make them feel that you are always there for them. However, you can’t blame them, can you? It is the usual suspect of generation gap creeping in the lovely relationship of you and your parents that is to be blamed.

Has it ever happened when your parents were talking to you, but you barely heard them because you were too busy using your phone? If yes, then you are not alone. It happens to almost all of us. All this doesn’t mean that your respect and love for your parents is any lesser than someone else. However, if you place yourself in their shoes, you will realize those small gestures like asking them about their well-being or taking them to church on a Sunday; could make their day. You can’t fill in generation gaps, but there are some things that you can do to deal better with your parents, and through this post, we will guide you on how to do it.

Listen to Them

Amongst the common complaints of our parents from us, one is that we don’t have the time to listen to them. Mostly this is true, as a lot of times despite being with them we do not care to pay attention to what they say. Maybe it is time to keep your talks and phone aside for a little and listen to what they wish to tell you. As people grow old, they lose connection with friends and colleagues, and this is the time they need their children the most. Visit your parents, call them, text them; make sure that they know you are listening to them. There is never a better feeling than knowing somebody cares about what you think and want to know your thoughts. Give your parents this feeling by merely making them talk and stay around while they do it.

Celebrate with Your Parents

People cherish the times when they are happiest and if you want to be in their happy memories, then try to celebrate even smallest of achievements or festivals with them. Share your joys and laughs with your parents on auspicious occasions. Gifting them with your presence is the best surprise you can give to them. You can express your gratitude to them on special events like Family Day, where you get a reason to enjoy different Family Day activities. Doing this will remind them of your childhood days and bring a smile to them. Spending festivals and special events with your parents will give them the joy that you gave them as a child.

Find Mutual Interests

Bring your parents on social media if they complain that you stay too much on it. You will be able to connect to them there and stay on the same page. This is barely one example of doing things together. You can go on morning jogs together and do a whole lot of different things. All this will give you relatable topics to share and discuss. Watching one or two common shows, going to stadiums to watch a game, and many different options are out there for you to try out. All that you need is to do these activities together with them, and the bonding will happen by itself.

Let Them Know That They Matter

As we grow old, our elders, especially parents, start making a perception about us, that we no longer need them. This expands the distance between the two, eventually weakening the relationship. Don’t let it happen. Let them know that they need you. The best way to make your parents bond better to you is to ask for their help even for small favors like relationship advice or just some recipe. They would love to assist you, after all, you are their beloved child. Doing this will initiate more conversations with you, and they will feel that they are an essential part of your life. Doing this will not only make you interact more with your parents, but also get them interested in your life too, and the connecting process between you and them will become a two-way process.

There may seem times when you might not want to make efforts for a better relationship with your parents. You may think this out of the fear that it is too late to connect to them. What we want to tell you is that it’s never too late to make it up to someone you love. If you have been way too less connected to your parents, then it might be awkward to start building the bond again, but trust us, all the initial uneasiness will be worth it. So, go ahead and work on it, we are sure that they will appreciate your efforts.

This article is written by Ayush Chawla, who is a passionate blogger and the founder of Velillum.


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