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Five Types of Jewellery Locket Designs to Gift Your Sister on Her Birthday

Lifestyle Kumar Niranjan 24 October 2018

Are you planning to gift something unique to your sister on her next birthday? You can gift her beautiful gold jewellery and search jewellery locket designs to make her feel more special. You can search for gold necklace designs in 20 grams with price online. You can also gift her locket chain which is a small jewellery worn on the neck. The chain can be made up of silver, gold or any other metals. Lockets add a certain kind of charm to the beauty of a girl. It is one of the trendiest fashion accessories which will go well with any attire. Lockets come in various shapes, designs and patterns and any individual from all the age groups can wear it these days. You can store cute photos of her on the two parts of the locket. In today’s time, women can wear this fashion accessory which will increase her look. So if your sister has a large collection of beautiful pendants, then why don’t you gift her gold locket?

You can also get gold locket designs with names in various jewellery shops. You can design her gift with a personalised touch with name initials or full name pendants on diamonds or get it carved with gold. If she loved lockets designed with pearls and gems, then you can ask the jeweller to embellish the stones in the locket. There are various types of lockets which can add a charm to one’s personality and boost their confidence. It can be of any design such as heart, animals, stars, butterflies, etc. Let’s get straight to the topic now; we have listed a few designs of lockets which will really help you to choose the perfect gift for your sister because nothing says love and affection like a beautiful piece of jewellery, does it? The list is given as follows:

Heart Shaped Gold Locket:

This locket will never go out of style. You can choose different sizes of lockets from small to large. It is your call whether to choose the heart-shaped locket and place photos or you can choose solid locket with a cute diamond on it.

Girls Gold Locket with Stones:

Girls love gold lockets with stones. Stones like green stones, blue stones, red stoned and pearls gives out an elegant look. You can also tell the jeweller to create in Victorian style photo locket. Such locket will give a royal look to your sister.

Gold Lockets with White Stone Design:

It is one of the most popular lockets in the world. You can put a white stone or white pearl in the centre of the locket. Calcite stone is always preferable for gold lockets.

Golden Sphere Locket with Gold Chain:

This locket is very unique where the jeweller can set precious stones on the golden sphere. This style of locket stands out and speaks volume about the individual.

Gold Glass Locket with Flowers:

Of your sister loves a vintage collection, then you can gift gold glass locket with flowers to add more charm. The glass will have a beautiful painting which will give a very stunning look. And plus she can slay any outfit by wearing this locket.