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Five Essential Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Car

Five Essential Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Car

A wedding is one of the most memorable events of everyone’s life. To make the wedding unforgettable the couples put extra attention to all small details. From the cuisine to entertainment, dresses to flowers decorations , wedding car and cakes to wedding favours, and much more. But, there is one little thing which often overlooked in the wedding is the wedding transportation.

From the time you are entering the venue to exit, your wedding vehicle should be gorgeous and represent your personality and style.

Most of the couples think that booking the wedding vehicle is an easy task but in reality, it’s not. It requires extra effort than managing other things for the wedding. Usually, the couples prefer to book their wedding vehicle at the last minute which is the most devasting thing they do. As per research, it’s always good to book the wedding transport around five-six months before the wedding date. With this, you get the numerous options in vehicles to choose from Bentley to Rolls Royce.

Moreover, most couples book their wedding vehicles just by watching company reviews and end broken because what they receive is not what they think of. Hence, it is always advisable to visit the company in-person to ensure the quality, insurance and every little detail of the car.

Furthermore, make sure you are booking your wedding car from a trusted car rental company. Also, read the terms & conditions before signing the contract. Ask significant questions about the vehicle insurance, decoration and most importantly, about the chauffeur.

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Here are the five most important things which a couple must have to consider before booking the car of their choice.

How many vehicles do you need?

If you are city wedding, then you probably need one-two wedding transportation, but if you are having a countryside wedding, then you have to arrange the transportation for the guests to take them from the hotel to wedding venue and back.

What is the hire duration?

Most of the company rent their vehicles on the hour basis. So, if you have a fixed hour of the wedding, then you must boom your transportation on hours basis. Make sure to tell you the wedding company in advance.

Do they decorate a wedding car?

The most important thing to ask the wedding car rental company is the decoration of the vehicle is including in the total amount? Or if not how much they charge for it. Most of the companies in London offer free car decoration; they beautifully decorate the wedding vehicle with silk ribbons and flowers.

Properly maintained and serviced?

Make sure to check the car in-person before booking. Are the seats comfortable, do the car have enough leg rooms and more? No matter, whatever car you are hiring whether vintage or modern it should be worth enough to represent your class.

Cancelling at the last minute?

Make sure to ask the car rental company about their cancellation policies at the last minute. How much money they deduct and so on.