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Taaza Tadka

Fear of Failure: The Biggest Roadblock to Success

The Best Thing In India We Can See Nowadays Is More Of Confidence And Less Of Fear Of Failure, Especially When We Are Talking About New Start-Ups

Fear of Failure: The biggest roadblock of Success

I don’t have much of LinkedIn connections but while I was going through most of them yesterday I realised that most of us are part of any Start-up company and that too designated as Founder/ Co-founder/ CEO/ COO etc. This simplifies that, today each one of us are actually ready to give a try, even if we might fail.

What I have learnt from my experiences that nobody want to fail in their career but only those get a clear route to success who are not afraid of so called FAILURE.

If we fail once does not mean that we failed forever, it just mean that we have learnt a way which doesn’t suit to us to be successful.

The question “What if we fail?” has got a very clear answer from today’s generation entrepreneurs and the answer is “So what? We will try again”. This is what makes me feel more confident of future India where I am also parting and seeing myself as a successful entrepreneur.

The spree towards entrepreneurship is awesome as everyone want to become entrepreneur these days and let me correct your thoughts that all these entrepreneur are not here just to make money but to try those things on which they were pretty confident but due to that silly question of ‘what if we fail’, they never gave a try yet.

They all are here to fulfil their dreams, dreams of getting their idea clicked, dream of calling themselves successful, dream of reaching where they always wanted to be.

With their different expertise and dreams towards their career, one thing they all have in common is that they all are very confident of their journey and at the same time they all know the answer of that killing question

“What if it/we fail?”

I am also one of the entrepreneurs from this spree and looking forward to see my ideas growing in future, but by any chance if it doesn’t, the answer is very clear and you all know the answer by now.

Fear of failure is nothing to do with our future. It is just a road block to our career and may be the biggest road block. Keep trying, Keep believing. Success is not far. It is just that, is not visible from here because of this roadblock. Keep moving, you will see it soon.

All the very best to all of us!