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Differences Between A Bicycle For Men And For Women

Lifestyle dbarua.net 12 June 2018

To buy a bicycle is very likely that you are looking for an offer or a bargain. However, more important is to be clear if you are looking for a bicycle for men or a bike for women. Bicycles for men and women are not the same. In addition, there is significant differences that you should know. Which?

Bicycle: woman vs man

The most important difference between men’s and women’s bikes lies in the geometry of the frames. Variations of the differences between male and female morphology are specified in pictures. Men and women have physical similarities. However, undoubtedly important differences as well. So that the design presents variants. Therefore, we also take the opportunity disprove the idea that a woman’s bicycle is a smaller man’s bicycle.

The size also affected and it is logical. But the biggest alteration as we said appears in the geometry. Between both sexes the physical differences are many. Although a woman on a man’s bicycle does not always have to be a problem, like a man on a woman’s bicycle. It is very likely that we are increasing the risk of suffering some kind of injury caused by poor posture.

A matter of geometry

Women have a thinner and lighter bone structure compared to thicker and wider of men. In addition, as a rule, women are shorter than men, have shorter legs and arms. Their sacrum is closer to the horizontal, generating a smaller lumbar sacral angle and the bones of their pelvis are somewhat further apart.

All these and more differences are reflected in the special design of the women’s bike with custom-made frames, exclusive saddles for them. Other components are improved and designed with the purpose of offering maximum comfort.

At frame level, the structural differences are evident to the naked eye both on mountain and road bikes with the steering bar quite lower and with the completely horizontal tube with a somewhat steeper drop. Which is known as a greater slooping than allows to gain mobility and agility in the plot. To this we must often add other small differences in the components such as powers or shorter handlebars and in the somewhat smaller developments to supply the difference in strength with respect to men. In the rest of components such as wheels, pedals or changes the alterations are null.

Opinions for all choices

From many available colors, the thing also confesses discrepancies. There are people who defend the theory that there should be no differences between men’s and women’s bicycle. Since the physical variants in both genders are not important enough to justify the appearance of special designs. The defenders of this theory are accustomed to claim that the differences of models are attributable to commercial interests of the brands, something that although it may have some truth, does not seem a very solid argument.

The truth is that as we have just seen there are enough physical differences to justify the existence of exclusive bikes for women and men. Although the commercial interests of brands in a growing sector such as women can affect. Most likely, the force of the justification of exclusive models for women decreases while the height of the woman grows. To understand us: a woman of 1.60m in height will need a female model with a higher priority than a woman of 1.80m who will be able to adapt better to male geometry. Since her arms and legs will be practically identical to that of some men.

In short, the benefit of cycling & buying a woman’s bicycle is noticeable from the first moment, but it is above all in the long term when we will realize the success with a more comfortable and healthier posture.