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Dear Foodies, You Need To Know About These Easy Tips To Clean Your Microwave

Microwave is a useful home appliance used for heating up leftovers or cooking food quickly. Although it is something that people regularly use but more often than not, they forget to clean it. Let’s talk the quick and easy tips to clean your microwave.

How would you feel about eating in a dirty plate that has been by the sink since you had your last meal? Gross, no? When you care enough to wash your dishes regularly and not your microwave, it kinds of prove the saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Just because you do not use the microwave three times a day, it does not mean it needs no cleaning.

What could possibly happen if you do not clean your microwave regularly?

It is important to understand that tiny particles of the uncovered food are splattered on the roof and sides of the microwave. You could be providing home to germs and bugs in there as all these microorganisms want is moisture, warmth and food. They will multiply in no time and can cause food poisoning and make you sick if you do not bother to clean your microwave on a regular basis.

So, why take a risk when you can clean your microwave and simply enjoy your leftover food without the fear of potentially falling ill? Indeed, prevention is better than cure. Below is a list of some useful tips and tricks that you can use to make the microwave cleaning process an easy one!

  • A simple pre-use precaution:

Take out a couple of seconds and cover your food before heating it. You can use a plastic wrap or a paper towel which would minimize the mess by preventing the splashes of food on the inside of the microwave. You will still need to clean it though, but it will minimize the time and effort required to do so, for sure!

  • Follow a wiping routine:

Doing something as a routine makes it less tiring and effortless. Make a habit of wiping the interior of your microwave after every time you use it. This would not let the stain to dry. Thus, making your work easy and keeping your microwave sparkling clean.

  • Steam to your rescue!

Got dried out stains in your microwave? Fill a bowl with 3 cups of water and add ½ cup vinegar to it, and then microwave it for about 3 to 5 minutes. You will notice steam coming out of it which would degrease the entire microwave. Finally, take the bowl out and wipe the microwave with a fresh piece of cloth. Tada!

  • Not enough time? Try this:

Wetting and then zapping your sponge or dishcloth in the microwave for 45 seconds will fix your problem super quickly. The steam would remove the unpleasant debris and the hot sponge or dishcloth will work wonders in wiping the microwave afterwards. Next time you open its door, you will be opening the door to happiness!


  • Kill two birds with one stone!

Take a bowl of water and put slices of lemon in it. Upon microwaving it, not only the splashed food particles will be loosened but your sense of smell will feel ecstatic due to the freshening lemon scent. Clean the microwave with a fresh cloth and voila!

  • Treat the glass turntable as a daily use dish:

You do wash the daily use dishes after every use, right? You may as well wash the microwave glass plate with the dirty dishes. This would not only clean the glass turntable but also sanitize it. Also, it will be available for use again as soon as it dries, which won’t be long!

  • Use oil for stainless steel microwave:

Put some olive oil or vegetable oil on a paper towel and polish the stainless steel with it. You will be surprised how perfectly it works! All the stains will vanish in no time, whether they were caused by splashed food or hand prints.

  • Baked on food? Worry no more:

Even the thought of having to clean baked on food is exhausting. You will definitely agree on this! Fortunately, here is a 5-minute hack that will make your life easy. Mix baking soda with water and make a paste. Apply the paste all over the microwave, sit back and wait for 5 minutes. Wipe it off with a cloth and get mesmerized by the sight in front of you!

  • Spilled food on the microwave floor? Try this:

If you accidently spilled some food on the glass floor before microwaving it, only to find it as a dried grime later, clean it right away. Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it over the hardened splatter. Wait for 5 to 6 minutes before wiping off the paste with a wet dish cloth or sponge. It will look so clean as if it never got stained in the first place!

If you believe in maintaining a high standard of hygiene around food, which you should, make it a habit to clean your microwave on a regular basis to increase its life and keep the germs away. Using these tips and tricks will only make your work easier and you will be surprised by the amazing results!




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