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Chicco’s Oral Care Range–A Happy Smile means a healthy Smile!

Others Kuldeep 11 February 2018

Your baby demands utmost care and attention at every stage.  This includes taking special care of their oral health as well.

From the very first week, it is important that your baby’s gums are cleaned after every feed. And as your baby grows, it’s important to ensure that their teeth are cleaned using the right toothbrush and toothpaste, regularly.

To make sure that your baby’s oral health is always maintained, it’s important that you introduce and encourage healthy oral care habits. Like, brushing their teeth twice a day and cleaning their mouth after every meal.

As baby care experts, we at Chicco bring you a wide range of oral care products that take care of your baby’s milk teeth and gums. Read on to know more about some of our amazing oral care products recommended for use at different growth stages of a baby.


Before teething

Gum gel & finger toothbrush (0 Months +)

The Gum Gel by Chicco is perfect for soothing gums, especially during the outbreak of the baby’s first milk teeth. The presence of Xylitol, a well-known ingredient for its antibacterial action, offers a sanitizing action on oral mucosa and provides relief against irritated gums. The gel is safe even if occasionally swallowed by the baby.

The sterilisable silicon finger toothbrush that comes along with the gel acts as a toothbrush. It has soft bristles which make application of the gel easy and correctly.

During teething (4 Months +)

Learning together set oral care: Combo of Gum Massager brush + Green toothbrush ideal from 4 months-3 years

The set consists of gum massager brush 4m-6m and green toothbrush for 6m – 3y babies. Gum massager brush with its small and rounded head having soft ribs makes it ideal to sooth irritated gums during their teething period.  It also helps your baby to build a habit of how to hold and use a toothbrush. Once the teething period finishes, the baby can be shifted to toothbrush with innovative ultra-fine tapered bristles to clean baby’s gums and teeth

After Teething (6 Months-6 years)


The innovative toothbrushes with ultra-fine tapered bristles by Chicco is an ideal oral care product for babies who are 6 months old. It works gently on irritated gums and cleans your baby’s teeth efficiently. The toothbrush has an oval-shaped head and a thin neck designed to fit your little one’s small mouth. Furthermore, the neck finds a slight bend, which makes it easy for the bristles to reach back areas of the mouth as well. Chicco toothbrush range starts with 6 months onwards to 3 years in three colours variants–pink, blue and green. The kid’s range starts from 3 years onwards to 6 years in two exciting colours including pink and blue.

Toothpaste (6 Months +)

Chicco has developed fluoride free toothpaste with low abrasive formula, which combats the formation of the dental cavities without ruining tooth enamel. The toothpaste contains a special ingredient ‘Xylitol’ that cleans and sanitises oral mucosa and is also known for its anti-bacterial action.

The toothpaste range has two flavours: Beginning with apple-banana flavour for 6 months babies and is ideal during weaning period; followed by Strawberry flavour with bio-available calcium, which is ideal for babies from 12 months onwards.



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