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Best Tech Gadgets To Manage Your Ab Workout

Others Ivan Hamlin 23 September 2017

Amidst a variety of equipment available for ab workout, few are well suited for your abs. every month a new equipment arrives on the scene telling you how it will magically transform your abs in to what you have always wanted – a six pack.

I cannot comment on the authenticity of equipment, may be they do what these machines claim in a limited amount of time but the rule of thumb when something is too good to be true, it usually is. It is because machines alone cannot get the job done. Alongside, you need cardio sessions to lose fat plus a strict diet for muscles to become visible.

Why is abdominal exercise so important?

By abdominal training you strengthen your core and tone it at the same time. With a strong core you are able to achieve better posture when you seek to try out any other exercise as well as it serves to avoid lower back pain.

So without further ado, let us look at some of the best equipment in this regard to get you those awesome looking abs.

Adjustable Sit up Benches:

Ab benches are one of the oldest forms of fitness equipment and great for shaping those ab muscles. They are readily found in gyms everywhere. There are latest ones which enable you to set the angle of the board beneath it. You can either raise the inclination or decrease it according to your liking.

Not only sit ups hones the ab muscles but also, you can try crunches, leg raising and twists for that added training of the whole of your core. Other than this, you always have the choice to opt for best version of the benches to practice decline workouts.

A note to the wise, always invest in a sit up machine which is both long and wide. This is necessary as it will prevent strains and injuries that result as part of rigorous workout sessions. In there, you have the option of adjusting it at different angles depending on your resistance levels.

Ab Wheel:

Not only you get train your abdomen with this equipment but it also enables you to develop muscles of your shoulders, arms as well as back. Whit the help of ab wheel is you can also look to strengthen your core and I mean, effectively. How? It is because ab wheel, as the name implies, your muscles are stimulated due to constant roll out and in.

For beginners, it can get quite tricky and hard at first. However, with patience and persistence you can become accustomed with its using technique. It is especially beneficial for the personnel who are interested in lower and upper abs training. This is one of the most affordable equipment out there.


No, of course not the bar you go for drinks but what we are referring to here is a pull up bar. You can perform several of body weight exercises with it and for abs, it’s known to be very advantageous. You can get creative with it as there are dozens of workouts which you can perform for building your abdominis and oblique.

What I am personally fond of is hanging leg and knee raise to achieve that picture perfect flat stomach. Coupled with a Power tower or a mounted pull up bar or even simple doorway you can perform the moves to attain flat stomach. Trainers recommend towers because you can also engage in other forms of bodyweight exercises, with it.

Stability Ball:

The stability ball is not commonly considered as an exercising equipment for abs workout. Nevertheless, you can perform certain types of exercises with stability ball by your side. The reason is that with stability ball, we have to input extra effort in order to control the motion which naturally leads to the fashioning of our abdominal muscles in an improved manner.

Moreover, you can perform routine exercises such as sit ups and crunches with it, safely.

Roman Chairs:

To be able to achieve slim waist, you ought to be able to train your lower back. Plus, a stronger lower back means you can perform in other exercises equally well and not just in one or two. With Roman chair you get to perform, not only hyper-extension move but also a pair advanced stage core exercises.

Often beginners make the mistake of focusing only on their abdominal muscles and in the process neglecting their lower backs completely. This causes lower back pain in individuals, a bad overall body postures consequently results and you become prone to many lower bodily injuries.

In conclusion

Therefore the above lists down some of the best equipment for ab workouts. You can choose from either of them or can experiment with each. No matter, which machine you settle for, they are bound to give you the value for money and time.

Ivan Hamlin

Ivan Hamlin

Ivan Hamlin is a fitness trainer and academic writer as passion. He is running an academic writing company PapersBee in the United Kingdom.