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Best Creative Food Presentation Ideas: Your Wedding Story On Every Dish

Food Recipe mukesh.saini 22 October 2018

Only making delicious food is not enough for wedding. Wedding if you closely analyze is all about presentation whether it is décor, outfits, favors or any other thing. It is all presentation that matters. So the delicious, tasty food that gets cooked in your wedding should also be presented well in creative ways. Just putting them in bowls like disrespecting the art of cuisine. As said above presentation always matters. There are various creative ways in which your delicious wedding menu can be presented. Some of the best creative food presentation ideas adds a new charm.

Dishes name according to the theme:

Just don’t put the label ‘Gajar ka halwa’ on Gajar ka halwa. Think about something creative like giving it your love story name like ‘Phele date ka gajar ka halwa’. This way put your whole love story in labels. This gives guests something interesting to read and know about you and your love story. And giving creative words to all the dishes attract the guests for eating the dishes if their stomach is not wishing to! All should be done keeping the wedding theme in mind.

Chaat papri in wine glasses:

There is no one in India perhaps that would not love eating ‘Chaat Papari’. And if it gets served in wedding then what can be said more! It is like guests giving their blessings to the couple seeing their favorite ‘Chaat Papari’, and especially children who just gorge on it. But don’t serve it in Pata Dunal. Serve everyone’s favorite ‘Chaat Papri’ in Wine glasses. Guests get amazed seeing it, and definitely eating in them they will enjoy it. If you have some different snacks in the menu, serve in the wine glasses. Just be creative as we told above.

Serve creative snacks in your pherras:

Your pheras are going late in nights. Mostly this is always the time for pherras. And your guests are basking in the moon lights nodding off here and there. To wake them up, they can be served coffee, but coffee with some snacks, stirrers like Kitkat breaks or some other you can also try. So if something amazing creative snacks get served, who would nod off and who doesn’t attend your Pherra money!! Coffee infused desserts are also a best option.

Fruit cream in shot glasses:

Whether it is crispy yum salad or fruit cream; rather than serving it in old style, just serve it in shot glasses. Easy to serve, looks great and guests will definitely enjoy the new serving style.

Sandwiches and beer or lassi:

For morning brunch or just before Sangeet ceremony, sandwiches with beer in mini glasses would be a great choice. Instead of beer, lassi can also be included. Because all men are not beer men! Some like lass too.

Chopsticks noodles:

Noodles can also be served wrapped around chopsticks. Just one gulp and it all done. Take another bite with chutney or sauce. One of the best options for appetizer.

Popcorn food bar:

Popcorn food bar can also be included where different flavors of popcorn can be set for eating. It is also one of the best options for Sangeet ceremony. Eating while dancing!

DIY spicy Saag:

DIY spicy saag is the great choice where mix vegetables Saag guests can make with already cooked different varieties of Saags.

There are many hands-on-options that can be included in the wedding. The choice is yours. You can include some of your best choices and some according to guests. Have a good mixture and let guests enjoy your wedding night. If you want all the best food in your wedding, book a best Wedding caterers in jaipur.