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Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes For 350-Pound Person

Others Md Ataur Rahman 9 October 2017

Do you weigh 350 pounds and above and you need the appropriate recumbent bike for your, follow the below link to view the best six recumbent bikes for 350 pounds person.

The recumbent bike is a workout equipment that is widely used to aid in toning the body muscles. The equipment works like a bicycle, but the difference between this item and the bicycle is that a recumbent bike is stationed in one area, unlike the bicycle where you can move around with. If you are overweight, the recumbent bike is the best equipment to start off with. This is because it is less stressful, and it can also help in warming up your core, knees, ankles and train you how to position you back when working out.

Which are the best recumbent bikes to be used by overweight people?

#1. Diamond Back 510SR Recumbent Bike:

This makes it to our number one of best recumbent bikes for the overweight people. If you want to shed off some pounds without putting so much effort then invest in this excellent bike. An obese person requires a lot of comforts when using a recumbent bike since it is easy for them to get an injury or tire easily.

Well, with this well-designed bike you don’t have to worry about all these problems as the bike comes with side handlebars for support while working out. The seat is designed with a mesh material that allows free flow of air while working out hence no heat accumulation is allowed. The seat is adjustable where you can either push it forward or backward for comfortable peddle reach. So, get started with your weight loss journey by using this reliable and easy to use recumbent workout bike.

#2. 350 Pounds Capacity Dual Recumbent Exercise Bike:

Some of us don’t like the idea of going to work out in the gym due to different reasons. So if you still wish to shed some pounds or stay fit then invest in this excellent workout equipment. The reason I said this bike is useful for the people who don’t like to work from the gym is that it is not designed for the gym use.

So why is this device suitable for the individual who is 350 pounds?

This bike provides dual results, unlike other recumbent bikes, with 350 capacity dual bike you get excellent workout results in both lower and the upper body parts. It is quite easy to operate and a first-time user can easily learn how to adjust the device and work out as well. The bike also provides gentle and smooth workout which is essential for oversized people and makes the activities run smoothly. Note that the recumbent bike comes with a user manual to guide you on how to assemble and use it. You can also check various recumbent bike on Bikebrief to learn about the same.

#3. 350 pounds Capacity 2 in 1 Recumbent Bike:

The bike is essential for exercising both the upper and the lower body parts. The good thing about this bike is that you can adjust the seat and the peddling area for comfort while working out. Someone who is overweight requires a device that is comfortable and easy to use since it is easy to get an injury especially when using a bike and therefore to avoid this, the bike is designed with two handles on the side to offer support.

Some of the best features incorporated in this bike include the transporting feet’s that enable the user to shift the equipment in different corners of the house. There is also a heart rate monitor to indicate the speed of your heartbeat for health purposes. There are around 14 workout apps to guide you and 14 digital resistant levels for excellent workout results.

#4. Fitnex R70 Commercial Grade recumbent bike:

The reasons as to why I would recommend this bike for people who weigh 350 pounds is the fact that it is designed for a weight limit of 400 lbs. The bike is sold at a relatively high price, but considering the excellent features in it makes it all worth it.

The seat and the peddles are designed in extra-large dimensions to accommodate large people and for health purposes, get to monitor your heart rate from the heart monitor app on the device. Fitnex knows the benefits of staying hydrated while working out and for this reason, they have an inbuilt water bottle holder where you a place your water for easy access.

#5 HCI Fitness Physiostep Recumbent Elliptical Bike:

For easy and smooth Cardio control invest in this excellent workout bike. The bike is designed in a comfortable and stable sitting position that provides smooth and natural elliptical feel. The bike also features large seating area that provides comfort for significant people and has mesh material at the back of the seat to allow free flow of fresh air. Also get to monitor all your workout sessions through the LCD on the device which includes the pound loss, speed and heart rate details.

Other notable features on the bike include AC enabler to ensure there is ample cooling air circulation which you can easily turn off when not in use.

#6 ERB Recumbent Bike:

I always love to listen to music while working out and one thing that makes this recumbent bike stand out from the rest is that it has a USB port that allows you to charge your devices while working out. The peddles have a secure strap that allows the user to have a comfortable shoe like wrestling shoes while still working out.

Also, the seats are adjustable to ensure you are comfortable while working out.


The above are the best six recumbent bikes for people who weight from 350 pounds. The bikes have all the necessary features like large seats and peddle for comfort, while others feature LCD screen for monitoring your progress. So, make sure that you consider your needs and the features that you need in your exercise bike before you make your purchases.



Md Ataur Rahman

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