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Best Corporate Catering Services in Bangalore

With the number of corporations and companies increasing in Bangalore, the number of corporate events has also increased. Additionally, catering services are required on a daily basis in these companies.

The need of the hour is an excellent catering service to satisfy your specific requirements. Not only should the caterer provide you with the best quality of food, but they must also be adept at handling the particular necessities of any event.

If you are looking for the best catering services in Bangalore to fulfil your every requirement, look no further.


Before getting the services of a caterer, here are three things you must look out for.

Permissions and Licenses

Ensure that the catering service you are planning to employ checks all the boxes when it comes to licences and permits required. The catering service must also have a license to serve alcohol if you intend to have it at your event.

● Food Preparation and Storage

When you are looking at a prospective catering company, the taste of the food is undoubtedly important. At the same time, make sure that hygiene standards are maintained in the kitchens where the food is being prepared. You should check the food storage conditions are satisfactory according to the time for which the food is to be stored.

● Individual Care and Concern

You could face a hundred different issues on the day of the event. Your catering service must be able to squeeze in small changes in the schedule and planning of the event. The food menus must also be flexible as per your particular requisites. With corporate catering, there is added pressure because time is in short supply when there is a corporate event.

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Here are five of the best corporate caterers in Bangalore and what each of them has to offer.

1. Srinidhi Catering Services

If all vegetarian fare is what you want for your corporate lunch or event, then Srinidhi Catering Services provide just that.

They are one of the most reputed corporate caterers in Bangalore with a standing of more than five years. What makes them different is the variety of services that they provide to corporations.

These include breakfast, lunch and dinner to corporations, special catering for corporate events and get-together as well as an in-house kitchen if required.

2. Shanbhag Caterers

Shanbhag started out as a cafe in the HSR Layout area of Bangalore in the year 1975. You can count on their 40+ years of experience in the food and catering industry to deliver quality catering services for your corporate needs.

You can select from an array of cuisines in their menu such as North Indian, South Indian and Chinese. However, they only serve vegetarian food.

Along with basic catering services, they also provide extra benefits such as floral decor, lighting, decoration of the venue, photography as well as manpower.

3. Papastiffin Catering

Papastiffin is an online food ordering service that started out way back in 2008. Back then, it was the first company of its kind. Since 2011, they have been delivering delicious, hygienic, fresh food with home-like quality to various companies throughout Bangalore.

They serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with many options for both. Papastiffin Catering specialises in tasty meals on a day-to-day basis for your employees.

4. Cookifi

Cookifi is an online platform to book a catering service for events and get-togethers at your office. They are best known for the innovative ideas that they incorporate in their event planning. These could be live barbeque counters, snack kiosks or chaat counters.

You can even customise the menu according to the cuisine you prefer. This could be Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, North Indian and South Indian.

All you need to do is select the date of your event and the number of expected people. You only have to pay online to finish the booking. Cookifi will then customise an elegant event and menu according to your instructions.

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5. HungerBox

HungerBox is one company that collaborates with food caterers to give food-related services to various companies across Bangalore.

These could be the setting up of an e-cafeteria where employees can place their own food orders or an e-catering service where packaged food is provided to the employees.

They also give you the option of an e-food court where you could order directly from caterers. At the same time, you could utilise their services for corporate events, meetings and parties.

You can get more information about catering services in Bangalore on DialJordan.

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