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Arif Khan Has Proved Humanity Is Greater Than Religion

“India”, the diversified nation. We are being divided by culture, language, religion, heritage and so other things. But one thing which remains unchanged forever, because of that mankind still exists. “Humanity”, yes, this the only thing which is still making the mankind possible to live. We pay more attention is holding our religious beliefs and standards. But what is the point in holding it, when you don’t mean it? Humanity is greater than religion and Arif Khan has set a great example in recent times.

It is the peak time for the Muslims since it is the Ramazan time and people are already in their fasting period. Arif Khan, when he was scrolling his WhatsApp and came across news about a boy called Ajay who, badly needs blood. Ajay Belawelam, a young kid, suffering from leprosy and his blood platelets began to fall. Which eventually dropped his blood count down.

His helpless father posted the news in social media seeking for A+ve blood. This message from his father was being shared by many and got re-posted on the different wall, he received no help from the people. Arif Khan saw this forwarded message, he didn’t leave it just like that. He wanted to help the boy since his blood group is also A+ve.

He contacted the father and told him that he is there to help the boy out of this distress. Later he went to the hospital and met the doctor regarding this. The doctor after examining him refused to take blood from his body. Since Arif Khan was on Ramzan fasting. He needs to eat something to gain some energy to donate blood. Else his health will turn bad, said the doctor. Arif Khan tried a lot to explain to the doctor that he can’t eat anything since it is against the fasting rule. If that’s the case he is not eligible to donate the blood, the doctor said it very clearly.

Arif had no other option to give up his fasting to save the little kid. He agreed to eat and then he donated blood too. This behaviour of Arif Khan will make everyone to think for a moment and say, what’s wrong with it. After all, serving the mankind is serving God. The thing is about the priority, which is more important? Save a life or stick on to our beliefs all the time. Only these kind of activities makes us feel like humanity still exist somewhere.


Abirami ramamoorthy

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