Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of The Dry Spots On Your Face In Winter

Whether you are oily skin or dry skin, you have to suffer from many tissues. For this post, we are going to deal with dry skin.

Whether you are oily skin or dry skin, you have to suffer from many tissues. For this post, we are going to deal with dry skin. You may ask yourselves thousands of times how to get rid of these dry spots on your face, how to make your skin smoother and these dry patches disappear.

That’s the point. We can develop dry skins for many periods of time, on whenever parts of our body. Among them, dry, flaky skin on your face might be the hardest part to hide, and even if you try to cover it up by makeup just make the tissue worsen.

So where do the dry skin patches come from? Usually, our skin can produce natural oils that help our skin hydrate and be clear. However, some aspects of our lives, such as showering, may wash the oil off and without natural oils, our skin looks drier and less healthy. So, it is important to know how to treat your dry skin right and protect your skin from drying out.


#1. Stay away from cream:

If your cleanser says anything but “cream,” you had better stay away from it because it probably destroys your skin. Foaming cleansers are filled with sulphates, which is a type of detergent that eases your skin’s natural oils and leads to your insane dryness. Or even if your skin is a combination skin, these soaps can cause to your body over-produce oil to balance dryness. Instead of using harsh, alcohol-filled removers, remove makeup with a gentle cleansing oil.

After washing your face, you should use a moisturiser lotion or cream. As applying moisturiser on wet skin can trap more of that moisture on your skin for a longer term.

2. Prevent dry spots by drying thoroughly:

You might think that keeping your skin misty will increase moisture, on the contrast, vaporising water on your skin will make it drier. Thus, remember to dry thoroughly and to moisturise properly after washing your face. Nevertheless, remember that rough towels can act like exfoliates that damage your skin, causing further dryness and irritation. Use a soft, baby’s washcloth and remember to tap your face, not rub. A baby’s washcloth is softer than a standard towel, and some are even made as smooth as satin. In order to use this washcloth to exfoliate your skin, splash a bit of water on your face and gently massage in small, circle patterns.

By the way, you should use warm water instead of cool or hot water. The ideal water temperature when washing your face should be rather than tepid water. At high temperature, it is good for greasy skin to strip the dead skin or oil, not for the dry skin. If you have to use the hot water, cool down immediately with cold water to reduce the time of heat lingers on your face. Besides, during the very hot day, you should as quickly as possible go inside your house and wet your face with cold water. The humidity in the air will be the natural moisture, which hydrates your skin and prevents your skin from dryness.

#3.Use home remedies:

  • Coconut Oil:

Why we use coconut oil? In fact, there are plenty of fatty acid in this oil that held rebuild the same layers of the skin. Compared with mineral oil, dermatologists have found that they have similar effects in improving the skin hydration. To get rid of dry spots on your face, take a suitable amount of virgin coconut oil on your palm and apply gently on the dry patches, then your skin will absorb it nearly instantly.

  • Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is known as a popular remedy for treating dry and patchy conditions. Aloe plants appear in many cosmetic products, ranging from cleansers to creams but its natural form still the best preference item.

How to use aloevera ? Firstly, you have to peel the rind of aloe leaf and extract the gel. Secondly, dab the gel on dry patches on your face for a minute so that your skin can absorb the whole effects. And finally, leave it overnight and rinse off in the next morning.

  • Vitamin E oil:

One of the unforgettable things on this list is vitamin E oil. It can target at the dryness and increase the hydration of your skin. This vitamin is available in capsule form in order that you can use it internally or directly. To apply it on your skin, you should bore the capsule and pour the oil on your palm. Massage the oil on the dry spots for a minute and then leave it overnight. Wash it off in the next morning.

  • Milk

It may seem strange, but milk is not only a natural cleanser but also a natural moisturiser. First of all, you should soak the baby’s washcloth in extremely cold water, and then squeeze out any excess over your skin to remove the overall mess. Shape the cloth over your face and sit for 10 minutes. The lactic acid in milk is a natural, gentle cleanser, and it can remove dead skin. Note that skim milk will not moisture very well, so use two percents or whole milk.

Here are some suggestions for treating dry spots on your face. If your skin doesn’t appear any positive response no matter how hard you’ve tried or the redness level increases, you should go to see a doctor. After knowing exact about your skin, you can choose the most suitable products or treatments for your condition. We hope it works and your dry spots will disappear.

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