8 Why You Should Not Care What Other Think, Just Avoid

Everyone can express their own opinion, their own thoughts but it doesn't imply they are right or they are fully wrong. Don't care what people

One question always arises in mind of all human being that what other think about our look ,Is i am looking attractive to him or not?

While thinking about other’s view we spend are lot of golden time on it.

Question arises in your mind:

1. Is I am looking attractive or not? 2. What other thinking about me? 3. Is our co-employee notice my activity or not?

Thinking all about theses you are only wasting your time. Because from many research you can found about your self . Because you are person who know about yourself very well.

There are many research has been done through which you can gain clues to find your self:

you know very well that you have a huge amount of information about yourself — far more information than you have about other people. After researching few year Nicholas Epley, a behavioural scientist at the University of Chicago, and Tal Eyal, a psychologist at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, has given many techniques through which you can known about your self very well and correct what other think about you.

Compare how you evaluate yourself to how you evaluate a stranger: You might make judgements about their overall level of attractiveness, their outfit, their mannerisms, but not much else. “We’re experts about ourselves, and others aren’t. That makes it hard for us to understand what we look like in the eyes of others,” Epley says.

University of Chicago students had research that we can also measure attractiveness according to photograph . you can rate your photograph 1 to 9 .according to which you can find that in which photo we were looking more attractive . Epley and Eyal found that the students who were told that their photograph would be rated several months later were much more accurate at predicting how other people would rate their attractiveness. Hence these all were the technique through you can own find that what people think about your self.

Why you should not care about what others think :

1- It’s your life not others so it should be your choice. It’s none of other’s Business:


It’s human nature that they care first that what other thinking about me . If i will dress up like this what other think ,what other say. I am saying its your life ,its your choice ,Enjoy your life according to your self .other have no so much time to think and care about your self.

2- Only you know what is best for you not others


What you like ,what suit you most only you known very well not others. Other don’t know what suit you , in which you feel comfortable. So do according to your self which will be more better fir you.

3- We are all so unique. Only you know what is right for you


This world is full of different people’s with nature ,behaviour,appearance its all are unique person’s in the world. So no one is same here. Then how other known you well that what is right for you. You are unique and you are responsible for you what is right for you.

4- You can’t please all of the people all the time


It is not possible that your thinking and other thinking match only in rare case it happened so you can’t please all people’s only think about your self comfortably which will be beneficial fir you.

5- Live your life without worrying about other people’s opinion, and you will live your life to the maximum


If you start enjoying your life without caring other you will enjoying your life with maximum happiness. So from now stop worrying about other people’s thinking and opinion.

6- God gifted life don’t waste it


we got life in human after lot of effort and you are wasting your life worrying about other . Its totally wrong don’t care what ever other say its your life enjoy your life with full enthusiasm. When you stop worrying about other you will observe that your life become more simple and easy.

7- Thoughts can be change on regular basis


As pass of time human nature, thoughts, interest changes . so human can’t not be static its human tendency of change. Suppose that some time other not like you but it not static in future their opinion can be change so don’t worry what ever other say.

8- It will keep you way from your Dream


If you care about other you can’t be reached in life where you want to be so don’t care of other do according to your self so that you can take your decision independently .

At last but not list I would like to say that Once you give up catering to other people’s opinion and thoughts, you will find out who you truly are, and that freedom will be like taking a breath for the first time.

Rupanjali Upadhyay
Rupanjali Upadhyay

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