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8 Styling Tips for A Wooden Wall Rack

Lifestyle Wood Sala 17 June 2020

Wall racks are a versatile and stylish storage solution for your home. They can be installed in the study to hold books, kitchen for spices or your living room. Along with helping you organize things, a wooden wall rack also helps you display things that matter. Open shelving in your living room gives your home a chic look while telling your story. To do this right, you should know how to style the rack. Here are a few tips.

Start with a color palette

For the shelves to look cohesive, all the things displayed on them should be united by a color story. This does not mean that everything has to match- rather, they should be in shades of the same colour. You could start with a neutral colour palette and add pops of 2 or 3 other colours. Or, you could choose one colour as the primary colour and a complementing hue as a secondary colour. The colour palette for your shelves depends on the statement you want to make. Black and gold reflects luxury while primary hues are fresher.

Use books

Books are a great styling tool. Ideally, you should be using hardcovers. Choose books that you have a personal connection to. For example, if you like to travel, a travel guide is ideal. Similarly, if you enjoy photography, you may want to use books on your hobby. Unless you’re using the wooden wall rack as a bookcase, do not fill up the shelves with books. Instead, use books a stack of books as platforms for décor objects. You may even want to consider a few books between bookends.

 Layer it up

Just as we mentioned using books as risers to create vertical layers, you should also look into back to front layers. Place large objects like a frame or mirror at the back and smaller objects in front. A large frame or mat can also be used to frame a group of smaller objects. If you’re displaying framed photographs on a shelf, you can stand them up such that the frames overlap each other.

Make it functional

Shelves are not just for display, hey must also be functional. You can use a basket to store small objects. Similarly, a jar can be used to tuck unsightly items away from sight while keeping them accessible. To create a bolder visual impact, you may want to use sets of storage containers. For example, you could stack boxes one on top of the other with the smallest on top.

Keep it odd

Each shelf can hold only a certain number of objects. An odd number of objects tends to look more interesting than an even number. For example, if you’re stacking boxes, stack up three boxes or 5. Even if the items are not the same, put them together in odd-numbered groups. For example, you could arrange a framed photograph with 2 curios.

Add something green

Adding a live element can literally makes your rack come alive. Small potted plants are ideal. If you don’t enjoy gardening, consider easy to maintain plants like pothos or the money plant. Pothos will even grow in a vase filled with plain water. Alternatively, you could add a vase with fresh flowers. If you’re looking for something extremely low maintenance, cold you consider faux ferns.

Add textures

When it comes to styling, texture is as important as colour. Balance objects that have a smooth surface with rough textures. For example, you could store polished wood curios in a wicker basket. Or, a mirror tray with terracotta pots or sculptural objects. That said, avoid mixing too many textures together.

Tell a story

Most importantly, make sure everything you use to style your shelves has a personal significance. It should tell a story about you, what you like, where you’ve been, etc. It isn’t enough for a curio to just be pretty, it must reflect your tastes and only then will it contribute towards making your home look and feel like home.

Styling shelves is not rocket science. You can switch your rack décor seasonally or as often as you like to give your room a different look. But, you must remember that all of these tips will be effective only if you have a high quality wooden wall rack to begin with. Choose a wall rack made from solid wood. This ensures that the rack lasts for a long time and can take the weight of all your décor artifacts.

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