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7 Times NOT To Say ‘I Love You’ First

Love and obviously ‘I love you’ are feeling which arises when two opposites attract. In most of the cases, it is love at first sight. Initially, the people who are in love with each other are inseparable but slowly and gradually when they try and understand each other’s nature and behavior they feel that they should part their ways. But once they part their ways they come to know what is actual love – they start to get a feeling that they should have their love back and this type of love is always true love.

In the initial stages if you are in love with someone you feel attracted towards the person. It is a fact the opposites attract. The initial breaking of ice is done by the boy by proposing the person he loves. But in the present times expressing your love has become a fashion or rather it has become a way of flirting with girls – they are concerned of giving away gifts on Valentine’s Day, Rose day, your birthday or any small occasion. Even if you do not give gifts, your true love should be experienced by your counterpart. This is known as actual love – but there is always bad and good phase in every person’s life.

There are times when you need to think a lot before you say “I Love you” first. Here are some tips –

New Relationship

When you are into a brand new relationship, or you have been dating someone – then it is not necessary that you start loving that person. No matter how good or amazing you feel – this could not be love. To actually start loving a person – you need to understand that uniqueness in the person and then gradually you shall start loving the person. This will give you a feeling of real love. So it is ideal to wait in the initial stages and express your love for the person gradually. This will give you an insight as to how the opposite person also loves you.

Expectations from Your Lover

You would have many expectations from the person you love – you need to understand their nature and how far the expectations would be fulfilled. In the initial stages if you believe that you love the person wholeheartedly – try these things first. The first thing is to meet his family, get engaged with his / her pet or someone whom they love the most. If you feel that their expectations are not meeting upto yours, then it could be an utter disappointment. It is said that love is always unconditional there are no boundaries to it. But in practical life, this seems to be very difficult to be proven.

Person has Just Come from a Long-term Relation

Finding someone special could be a difficult task most of the times. You could get a companion who has just come out of a turbulent relationship. In such cases, it is not worth to immediately express your love towards them. Wait and give time until they forget their ex-relationship and start loving you.

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You had a Bad Relation

Again if you have faced tough times and you find someone who can love you – take time to understand the person thoroughly so that you do not make same mistakes again.

You are Drunk

Drinking could be hazardous, and at the same time, you can make confessions in this state. In most cases it works – they may seem comfortable initially, but in the long run, this does not work.

Tragedy or Loss

You feel compassionate towards a person when you know that they are in pain. This could be love or just sympathy. You need to try and justify yourself before you confess.

Obligation Towards the Person

There could be various reasons for obligation towards a particular person – it could be love that you are obligating him/her with.

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